Mother’s Day: Helping You, Your Mother and Kids Hear What YOU Want


Being a mom is noisy business: the kids, TVs and devices, the conference room or warehouse—it’s hard to get any peace of mind. There are plenty of noise-cancelling headphones out there, but as the true head of the household and the office, women need to be able to keep an ear on what’s happening around them as well as their calls, music, videos, etc.

Now, for the first time, moms can control sound from phone calls, music, apps, or videos while separately they can control how much they hear from the world around them: the co-working space, the car full of kids, the store, the games, screaming, whatever.

Lucid Audio has created a family of personal sound amplification products (PSAPS) that range from infant and child protective HearMuffs to AMPED Bluetooth devices like the Hearing Headphones and HearBands, to the Enrich Pro PSAPS, affordable over-the-counter hearing devices you can pick up/order for your mom or mother-in-law.

Everybody knows that a mom’s world isn’t black and white, on or off. Today’s modern mothers need control as they shift from work to parenting, friends to hobbies. Their ability to hear their phones, tablets, laptops, and families’ shifts constantly and today mom needs to be able to adapt at all times.



What about your mom? We all know our aging mothers (in law) mean well but, whether they will admit it or not, oftentimes their diminished hearing keeps them from enjoying life and their grandkids fully—and being totally capable of safely watching the kids.

You may have noticed her asking your kids to repeat themselves, blasting the TV, and spacing out more and more. You’ve told her she needs hearing aids but she’s not ready—emotionally or financially. Lucid Audio’s Enrich Pro PSAPs is under $200 and doesn’t require a hearing test. She can just pop them but she’s not ready—emotionally or financially. Lucid Audio’s Enrich Pro PSAPs is under $200 and doesn’t require a hearing test. 

Mother's Day

To help mom’s better manage sound in your child’s environment, Lucid Audio has introduced HearMuffs as a new way to protect and soothe kids hearing in a way even the littlest ones will enjoy. What your kids hear (and don’t) is a dicey business. On one hand, you want to protect their hearing while watching television, at music concerts, when fireworks are happening, loud construction equipment outside, or even from loud audio on electronic devices. On the other hand, you want to protect their naps—and your sanity—so they can stay calm in noisy situations. Managing sound in your child’s environment can help you and your child enjoy more of what life has to offer.

Designed for people with dynamic lives, Lucid Technology allows you to hear more of what you want, d less of what you don’t.  Order by May 1 to receive in time for Mother’s Day 2017!


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