Mother’s Day RoundUp Ideas with Kango, Hawk + Sloane and Accent


I know Mother’s Day is just around the corner but I wanted to share with you three neat companies that you can go to for your Mother’s Day needs, and even birthdays as well.

Kango App

First up we have Kango.

Kango is an app and is here to help you as a Mom out with your daily ride/childcare needs.  Let me tell you how it works.

  • You can schedule a ride, childcare, or both! You can also set it up as a one-time or ongoing request as needed.  You will also love that they have booster or car seats available which will allow you not to have to take them out of your car, and then get them back.  I love this option.
  • Now you will go in and see who can help.  You will also be able to get a background checked and fingerprinted caregivers who are trained to transport kids.  Now you can feel good about who your kids are with.
  • Lastly, you can follow the ride with real-time updates and tracking of the driver location. You can also talk to driver or sitter directly.

Kango Gets You Where You Want To Go

You can have Kango do the following things and more.

  • Take your daughter from school to soccer when you are out of town next week.
  • Take your son and his three friends from school to band practice every Thursday.
  • Take you and your toddler to preschool every morning before you go to work.

How much does it cost you ask? Just go to their homepage to find how much they charge per child for sitter’s cost, per ride, as well as their low monthly fee for the background checks, driving records and more.

Hawk & Sloane Mother's Day

Next up we have  Hawk + Sloane –

Hawk + Sloane is a newly launched a line of children’s sprays (made with all natural ingredients and infused with essential oils) to “conquer parenthood one spray at a time”. The line includes a “sleepy spray” which is infused with lavender essential oils for a calming effect, I am not sure about you but there were many times this spray would have come in handy when my kids were younger, a “soothie spray” formulated with micronized silver for its proven antimicrobial properties to sooth the diaper area & keeps mom’s hands squeaky clean, or a “stinky spray” infused with a citrus fragrance to diffuse foul odors, and more.

Best friends from an early school-age they were reconnected many years later when they were both due for their babies at the same time.  Hawk and Sloane.  Now together they have 5 children between the two of them and they are forging through parenthood one day (spray) at a time.

Right now you can get 10% off just by joining their email list.  It is a win-win as you will be able to get the sprays you want and save money at the same time.  Also if you purchase $50 or more you can save and get free shipping.

Accent Customizable Sketch Jewelry

Accent Jewelry

Last but definitely not least we have Accent’s customizable jewelry.

Accent’s customizable sketch jewelry – give mom a custom piece of jewelry with meaning this mother’s day! Upload a sketch, and have it created into a custom necklace or bracelet in gold, silver, or rose gold!

Have you ever purchased a piece of jewelry that was customizable from a sketch? Well if your answer is no you can now do so with Accent.  From pendants to bracelets, chokers, rings and earring to a pendant for your pet, they have you covered.  

From their website, “ACCENT is about achieving individuality at the highest level. We don’t create one product to sell to one million people; we help each of those one million people make one product exclusively for them.”

You can follow Accent on their social media:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

You can follow Hawk + Sloane on their social media:

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

You can follow Kango on their social media:

Facebook | Twitter

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Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

Oh wow! I have never heard of personalized jewelry like that before. That’s a great idea!

Colleen Lanin
6 years ago

Kango sounds like an amazing app. I love the idea of having a virtual helper throughout my SUPER busy days.

6 years ago

I definitely want to try that sketch jewelry. I did it once before and I loved it but unfortunately that bracelet got lost. I would love to do this again for my mom.

6 years ago

I really love that sketch jewelry! what a unique and special piece.

6 years ago

I love the personalized jewelry. Beautiful. The sprays are great too.

6 years ago

Accents Jewelry is awesome quality! I have a necklace from them and I love it. They make some really simple pieces that make a big statement which is what I love about them.

6 years ago

That accent jewelry is adorable and looks like you can wear it daily. Very fun pieces!

6 years ago

These are excellent ideas and I had never heard of any of them! Love the personalized jewelry and that app!

6 years ago

I haven’t heard of any of these companies before. I need to check out that app. It sounds great. The jewelry is really pretty too!

6 years ago

Kango would really help when two of my kids have sports practices at the same time!

6 years ago

I love the article. I will have to check out the app.

6 years ago

Love the personalized jewelry, it’s so pretty! Kango sounds like an awesome app.

6 years ago

What a cool app! I am so going to look into this!