5 Tips to maintaining your gutters all year round


There are several tasks that need to be tended to on a regular basis when you own a home. Taking out the trash on a weekly basis, cleaning the carpets, and shampooing furniture all need to be taken care of to maintain a clean home. Outside, it is important to sweep your porch or doorstep, clean off cobwebs, and keep the lawn mowed. Another task that must be completed outdoors is cleaning out the gutters and downspouts. While this task does not need to take place as often as others, it is important to clean the gutters seasonally as to maintain the life of them. If you do not like climbing high up on a ladder or dealing with stinky old leaves, hiring a gutter cleaning service may be a good option. If this is not in your budget, here are some tips that will help you with your goal of maintaining your gutters all year round.


  • Reasons why it is important. Cleaning out your gutters on a seasonal basis is important for the integrity of your home. Not only can leaves get stuck in your gutters, but malfunctioning gutters can cause water damage, rotting trim or siding, or other problems. If gutters are not cleaned regularly, it is common to have rodents living in the gutters which can cause major problems. You see, critters breed other infestations of insects such as ants and mosquitoes. These insects can be problematic as they could eventually find a way in to your home.



  • Check them seasonally and if necessary clean them out. Depending on the region and climate you live in, it may be more important than others to make sure the gutters are cleaned every season. For example, if you live in a desert or dryer climate, you may only need to check on our gutters once a year and give them a quick sweep. However, if you live in an environment with rotating seasons, you will likely find yourself cleaning them more often. Otherwise, leaves, sticks, branches, and other debris can get heavy over time and cause the gutter to pull away from the house and cause potential problems with water damage or rotting areas.



  • Check to see if there are any holes or necessary repairs needed. When cleaning out your gutters, it is important to check to make sure that the structure is sound and if there are any holes in the gutters, that these areas are patched or replaced. Otherwise, you could face a bigger problem down the road when there is additional damage or unnecessary wear and tear to your home because there was a leak in your gutter or our downspout wasn’t working properly.



  • Seasonal wear and tear can add up. Over time, seasonal wear and tear can add up and cause your gutters to become brittle and need replaced. To avoid having to replace your gutters prematurely, invest some time at the end of every season to check for excess debris and other materials that could be stuck in your gutter.

Invest in proper supplies to make cleaning easier. Because you may need to clean your gutters on a whim after a big storm or you notice that leaves begin to fall earlier in the season than you recalled in the past, it is best to keep some supplies on hand so that at a moment’s notice, you can easily clean out gutters.

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