Clear Eyes Presents: My Shining Moment


All of us have moments in life where we look and feel our best – where we are able to shine as the most authentic versions of ourselves!

Given that people often tend to downplay their personal accomplishments, it is important to recognize them, which is exactly what Clear Eyes®, the #1 selling brand of eye drops, is doing. The brand’s first ever integrated marketing campaign, My Shining Moment, is dedicated to celebrating consumers by creating a platform for them to share the stories of when they look and feel their best.

I struggled to come up with my own shining moment, which just goes to show – we don’t value these moments enough! While I’ve accomplished a great deal in my life, I’m most proud of being a mother. Raising my beautiful children, seeing them grow and change, and develop their own individual personalities is the most important aspect of my life. As a parent, I’ve tried to instill in my kids the knowledge that while life is precious, it can still hold some rough times, which is why it’s more important than ever to celebrate the good times, or “shining moments.” Spending quality time with my family allows me to feel like the happiest and most authentic version of myself.

Clear Eyes Presents: My Shining Moment

My Parent’s 50th Anniversary that my siblings, spouses and I put together as a surprise. Family is Everything

A consumer-led brand at its core, Clear Eyes® is focused on celebrating the role it plays in consumers’ lives by bringing to life the emotional benefits of the product portfolio. In conjunction with the campaign, the brand debuted a digital gallery, featuring photos and videos of shining moments as told by a variety of creative people, including eye portrait photographer Bridges Aderhold, beauty blogger Rachel Anise, travel videographer Taylor Fischer, world renowned magician, Adam Wilber, Swedish airline pilot Maria Fagerstrom, cross country runner Jonathon Prince, and No Leftovers’ food blogger, Jackie Gebel.

And because everyone has their own shining moments, Clear Eyes is giving YOU the chance to submit them, between now and October 15th. By sharing your own #MyShiningMoment across your social channels, you will be entered into a sweepstake for a chance to receive an all-expense paid trip to Miami, FL for a private photo shoot with Bridges Aderhold.

Visit to learn more and experience other people’s shining moments for yourself. Best of luck to everyone who enters!

Brought to you by Clear Eyes


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Wife, mother, grandma, blogger, all wrapped into one person. Lover of coffee, crime shows as well as humor. Loyalty, honesty and positivity is what attracts me to a person as that is what I try to project to others. Hard working and driven to a fault helps me help others and in turn helps myself in my daily work and life.

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5 years ago

I have been lacking my mojo lately, so I’m not sure where my shining moment has been. I hope to be on the way back to finding it though.

Censie Sawyer
5 years ago

What an awesome opportunity! My shinning moment would be focusing on my blog full time! Rocking it so far!! Loving it too! Clear Eyes are always in our house, allergy season must!

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy
5 years ago

Aww congrats to your parents! 50 years?! You have a beautiful family!

5 years ago

I think that it can be hard to see your own shining moment. So I agree finding your shining moment and recognizing it is even more important ! Great idea.