Mattress Choice for Kids Comes With Dose of Practicality


Choosing the best mattress for a child involves many of the same decisions that adults use when selecting their own mattresses. However, there are some special considerations when it comes to kids, mainly related to longevity issues. Take a look at this list of factors before deciding on the right bed for your child.

Size Is Key

Even if your children are small now, you have to look ahead to what their needs will be in the future. If a twin is the logical choice, consider how much taller and bigger your kids will be in 10 years, which is the expected life of a mattress. They may want a full bed by the time they get to high school, or they might be tall enough to at least warrant an extra-long twin.

You also have to consider the size and configurations of their bedrooms. Do you want bunk beds? Will their rooms even accommodate a larger mattress? If your kids are now teens and you want to use the mattress for years, get the biggest ones that will fit in the room. That way, when you have guests or your kids are visiting, they still will have a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Think About Support

It is vital that kids have good, supportive mattresses to cradle their growing bodies. After you decide what type of mattress to buy for your child – innerspring, foam, or both – have them test them out for as long as possible in the mattress show room. They may be able to tell you which on they find the most comfortable. Still, you should try each one out yourself as well to help make the decision.

Make sure to get a proper bed frame for your children’s beds. If they get an innerspring mattress, which is the most common choice, they will need a box spring and bed frame. Or, they might have a platform bed frame, in which case a box spring isn’t necessary. Regardless which frame you choose, be certain it is appropriately sturdy, just in case there happens to be any jumping on it.

Other Factors

There are several other items to think about before making a mattress purchase. Look at the return policy in case it turns out your child doesn’t sleep well on the bed. Make the investment in a mattress protector right away to keep the bed clean and moisture-free for years to come. Find out whether you can get the mattress delivered and set up in your home and the old mattress hauled away. This can be a better choice for busy parents than trying to make the switch themselves.

Choosing new mattresses for your children can be a bit of a process, but the quality of their nights’ sleep is at stake. Take the time to do research and let them try out several options before you make the final decision. Once you get the mattress home, cover it immediately with a protector. You should be able to get a decade of good use out of your new investment.



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Bin Ban Banda
Bin Ban Banda
8 years ago

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What if we join and promote together the games, the great adventures, the union family and the family learning