5 Tips to updating your home on a budget


Updating your home is an exciting idea. It’s a chance for you to improve the space that you are living in to make it more comfortable and more beautiful. Now, if you’re thinking that updating your home will be costly, think again. There are plenty of ways that you can update your home even while on a budget. All it takes is a little effort and creativity.

Here are five budget friendly home improvement tips that you can follow.

  1. Kitchen faucets, cabinets, and backsplashes. A lot of activities take place in the kitchen and this is why it deserves an update. Replacing your faucets is a simple update that won’t cost much. Cabinets could also use a little makeover with the use of paint. You can also refinish your cabinet doors, drawers, and shelves. Replacing your kitchen backsplash is also an inexpensive update that you can do and that will definitely change the look of your kitchen. Find simple and inexpensive backsplash tiles or wallpaper. For those who are feeling a little more creative, you can use a chalkboard or magnetic paint.
  2. Bathroom space. Most of the time, what our bathrooms need is just a little bit of scrubbing and cleaning. This doesn’t cost much but will require some effort. On another note, you can also spend a little and install a pedestal sink to update your bathroom. You can change your faucets as well as update the knobs and pulls on your bathroom cabinets. Updating the lighting will also do wonders for this small space. You can further liven up this space by adding paint on the walls or adding decorative wallpaper.  
  3. Paint. A new splash of color will add more life to your home. Don’t limit yourself to just painting the walls. You can also paint the ceiling, the trims, and borders. A great idea is to add a gradient effect to your wall, painting a darker shade first and then going lighter as you move from one section of the wall to the other. Choose paint color based on the look and feel that you want to convey in the room. And make sure that this will complement the items that will be going in this space.
  4. Lighting. Adding more light to any room makes it welcoming and more alive. Buy contemporary light fixtures to update your old ones. You can buy a chandelier that will be the focal point of your living room or dining room. Lampshades can also be updated to add color or design to your space. It would also help to change your old light bulbs and use the energy efficient ones so you can save on electricity.
  5. Window treatments. Whether you prefer blinds or curtains, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to dress your windows. For those already with a great view, you can just add stylish window panels to highlight the view. There are a lot of stylish window treatments that you can take inspiration from to give your room a whole new look and feel. You can choose from a variety of designs and styles for curtain panels and shades. Adding window treatments is also a great way to let more light in while still maintaining your privacy.

There really are a lot of ways that you can give your home a new look, for less. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of cleanup while other times, you can just add or change a thing or two. If you want to add other accessories to your home, check out the various items at Gangahogar.com. They have a selection of items from electronic appliances to home and garden that you can add to your home.

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