Tips on Buying Artificial Grass Made in America


Discover how to purchase artificial grass that was made in the USA without foreign goods.

Written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division

Many Americans prefer buying products made in their own country, even when it comes to artificial grass. There are many reasons to purchase American-made synthetic turf. One reason is that it helps boost the economy by supporting existing jobs and even creating new ones. Another reason is quality. If you purchase from the right retailer, you might get a better product simply because it was custom made in America.

But just because a company advertises that they offer American-made artificial turf, doesn’t mean that the products are actually made in the U.S.A. It also doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a better product.  So how can you tell the difference? Here’s a look how to buy artificial grass that was truly made in the U.S.A.

No Foreign Goods

While this might seem like an obvious tip, many consumers get confused by the tricky language on brochures, tags, and other marketing materials. According to, a product that might have the words “Made in the USA” could mean that “‘all or virtually all’ significant parts and processing are of U.S. origin.” However, consumers who’re searching for authentic American-made synthetic grass shouldn’t settle for this. Instead, look for a company that boasts no foreign goods, which means that the product was not only created in the USA but also made with American parts. 

Factory Location Matters

Where is the factory? If a synthetic turf product has American parts, it should be manufactured here, too. Many companies claim they have American products, yet these “American” products are then shipped overseas for the manufacturing process. For example, your synthetic grass might be created with American products, but shipped to Vietnam for manufacturing. Companies do this to save money. However, it stripes their product of an authentic American-made title. To ensure that you’re buying genuine American-made fake grass, look for a company that has a manufacturing facility located in the states. To check the location of the factory, simply look up their contact information on their website or contact the company directly.

Local Service Centers

If you’ve found a company that boasts American-made products made without any foreign goods, go a step further and make sure they have service centers in America. While this third tip doesn’t confirm that you’re buying authentic American-made products, it does help support the economy. A local service center or retail store in America indicates that the company is open for business in the U.S.A.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division provides a wide selection of American-made synthetic lawns for homeowners and businesses without using foreign goods. The company has over 130 service locations in the U.S.A.

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