5 Summer Shoe Styles Every Mama Needs


Summertime is one of the best seasons when it comes to family life. Vacations, backyard BBQs, summer sports leagues, and tons of other memory-making opportunities. But what a lot of children and some partners don’t see is all the behind-the-scenes work mamas do to keep everything running smoothly. From juggling professional and personal responsibilities, figuring out the new normal with school year routines out the window, and getting everyone to their sports lessons and play dates on time, it’s a lot to handle. Add to that wanting to maintain your sense of identity by finding time for self-care and having time to get dressed and feel like an actual human. Sound like a tall order? It doesn’t have to be! Knowing which fashion mistakes in summer are avoidable, honoring your own sense of style, and ensuring you have the right footwear, the battle is all but won. If you’re unsure which shoes you need in your wardrobe this summer to look and feel your best, keep reading for the must-have summer shoe styles every mama needs. 

Stylish Sandals 

While flip-flops are an important staple of the summer fashion wardrobe, we’ll get to that in a minute. You often want your feet to be able to breathe, but you want to look more put together than a flip-flop allows. Investing in a pair or two of neutral sandals gives you an easy upgrade to your summer dresses, shorts, and skirts. Leather sandals will last you a lifetime if you choose to invest in them, but if you’re more comfortable with a vegan shoe, there are plenty of options. The great thing about sandals is you can express your personal style through bold colors, prints, textures, and more. While neutrals will match more in your closet, have fun with sandals if that’s your thing!

Workable Wedges 

Wedges are the reigning queens of helping you look more elevated for an event while keeping you comfortable at the same time. They make chasing after children during a playdate easier, they’re the perfect work shoes for women (unfortunately, the office doesn’t close just because it’s summer), and they work beautifully as the shoe to wear to all the summer weddings you’re attending. Wedges are a must in the summer, so if you don’t have at least one pair, start searching now and add to cart!


Every mama needs a pair of flip-flops by the front door during the summer months. They’re easy to slide on quickly, and they’re comfortable enough to wear on a day full of errands, driving around town, and more. Of course, pool days or beach vacations demand flip-flops as well. Make sure you invest in pairs that offer more support than the cheaper flip-flops. There are many brands to choose from that give you the ease of the shoe style and still provide the important arch support to keep your feet healthy.

Chic Sneakers 

We all have our pair of trusted running shoes or beat-up sneakers we wear when we’re doing yard work. This summer, stay comfortable and stylish by getting a pair of sneakers that you keep crispy and clean for day wear. White sneakers pair perfectly with midi dresses, a-line skirts, and athleisure. If bright white isn’t your style, get a pair of fun, on-trend floral sneakers or even bedazzled ones! The world is your oyster, and sneaker trends have come a long way. They’re an easy way to add comfortable style to your look.

Hiking Boots 

Even if you don’t consider yourself the “outdoorsy” type, there are times during the summer when you’ll be doing a lot of exploring – whether it was your idea or not. Especially with curious kiddos, you can plan an entire day that’s fun and educational by exploring parks, streams, and rivers in your area. If you’ve got older kids, hiking nature trails and mountains in surrounding counties is a great way to keep them off the couch and active in the summer. Protect your ankles and your footbed by investing in a pair of hiking boots for the summer. And hey, they’ll come in handy during winter weather too!

Your shoes are an area of your wardrobe that many people neglect. While you don’t need to become a shoe-fanatic with an entire closet dedicated to your footwear, by covering your bases with the above-mentioned shoe styles, you’ll be ready for whatever your summer brings. Luck favors the prepared!

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