Healing with Fun: Healthcare is Not Boring, So Why Should Your Scrubs Be?


Sick of your standard-issue scrubs? Blue scrubs may be lightyears more functional and wearable than the starched-white dress uniforms of decades past, but they can still get monotonous.

It begs the question – is a hospital or clinic the right place to express yourself through style? Today, we’ll take a look at why it can actually be beneficial to think outside of the box when it comes to your work uniform.

Lifting Spirits

For you, it’s the average work day, but it’s another story entirely for the patient. As you know very well, the reasons why we need medical attention are as different as the attitudes we have toward being in a hospital. In many cases, patients are nervous, scared, or have taken a protective, closed-off stance.

All of this can make your job more difficult, but we can combat these challenges simply by changing the appearance of our uniforms. This study shows that children and parents in a hospital use more positive words to describe nurses who wear colorful scrubs.

Another study suggests that such uniforms reduce anxiety in patients. Reducing patient anxiety can reduce the amount of time it takes to administer tests and medications, and make the patient more attentive and accepting of instructions and advice.

Positive perception and increased trust in healthcare professionals can lead to more positive health outcomes. Did you ever think something as simple as your uniform would matter here? It can, especially if you work in a pediatric unit.

Standing Out

The primary case made against more fun, personalized uniforms is that they don’t look as professional, and can make you difficult to identify as a nurse or healthcare worker.

But when it comes to identification, a uniform that’s memorable can actually help a patient remember who you are and what you do. Having your individual identity stand out to patients can make it easier to ask for help from the right person, as well as contribute to a more accurate recall of events occurring in a hospital setting.

This is really important with respect to shift changes and fast-paced environments, where dozens of people wearing the same uniform can become confusing for patients and their family members.

Furthermore, when it comes down to it, scrubs are still scrubs, no matter the pattern. In many cases, it would be difficult to mistake them for regular streetwear.

With regard to professionalism, what’s most important is that your scrubs help you perform your job to the best of your ability. Styles at Med Couture Scrub Shop, for instance, utilize extra pockets and flexible knits to ensure you can move with ease.

In every instance, high quality fabrics that wear well and withstand frequent washings will always look cleaner and more professional than mass-produced scrubs in the usual blue hue.

You have work to do, so let your uniform make a positive, reassuring statement for you. Studies show that colorful scrubs can help patients relax and receive the treatment they need. Your experience on the job matters, too; when you select fun yet functional nursing scrubs, you just might experience a mood boost of your own.

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