My Daughter Loves the Roto Clipper


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The Roto Clipper is an Electric Nail Trimmer, that is adored by my 18 year old, College Student, Daughter.

She has been using the Roto Clipper for a month, and loves it. 

rotoclipper2This is the perfect size for your purse.  It’s perfect for your pocket, it’s perfect for anywhere. 

About the Product

  •  The fast and easy way to trim and file your nails
  • One side trims the other side files
  • Recessed rotating blades are safe to the touch
  • Built in light for precision trimming
  • Removable head and brush for easy clean up

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Cordless, battery-powered nail trimmer and filer all in one. Gives nails a smooth and even finish. Dual sided – one side trims, the other files. Powerful tungsten alloy blade spins at over 450 rpm. Easy cleaning – removable head.

I have a Roto Clipper in my purse, that’s why I mentioned about putting one there.  It’s so wonderful, when I get a broken nail, to just fix it right away.  And, the Roto Clipper has been amazing for my family.

The price is just $19.99, and you will love this product.  Go on over to Amazon, and order it now.

This would be the perfect gift for any lady, or man, this Valentine’s Day.  If you order today, you could still get it in time.  Especially if you are a prime member.  Or, get it for Easter, and throw it in their basket.

What cracks me up, is even my husband uses it.  He will get in my purse take it out, and I will hear him using it.  He even loves it, so get one for your honey.

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.



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