5 Simple Tips to Perfectly Blend Vintage and Modern Home Décor


It’s very possible that you have some old furniture in your home, or at least some vintage details that you have no place in the basement for. Maybe you still haven’t had the time or resources to replace that worn-out grandma’s armchair, or that dusty cupboard in the kitchen. Adding new, modern furniture only makes things harder because blending these fairly different styles can be quite challenging.

However, there are some tips and tricks you can lean on in order to find just the right balance, and make your vintage details seem just as if they were made to be there.

Textures instead of colors

While colorful designs go great with eclectic styles in most cases, vintage décor requires sticking to a monochromatic solution. Since vintage details tend to have a specific colorful scheme or a baroque-like kitsch vibe, emphasizing them even more with many colors would be a bad idea. If your vintage décor and furniture are already decorated enough, try keeping all the other details close to minimalistic design.

The best way to incorporate more detail without creating the overwhelming effect is by playing with textures. While many colors tend to draw too much attention, an abundance of textures can only create a subtle effect that will be a perfect blend in this vintage-contemporary mix.

Play with contrast

As vintage design calls for a single-colored theme, it can leave very little space for creativity. However, it’s important to think outside the box and use what you have to make every detail count. Arranging the lights in a special manner so that you emphasize your vintage details can be a great way to do so. For example, by adding an ornate Art Nouveau Tiffany glass chandelier just above that old, grandma’s armchair, you can create the perfect reading corner that only misses a glass of cold, white vine.

Additionally, you can choose different shades of the same color to blend those vintage details even better, or you can go with two vibrant shades, such as jungle green and slate blue. 


More antiques in small places

In most designs, there is one simple cluttering mistake you should avoid, because the more you stuff in a room – the smaller it will seem. Eclectic designs tend to go around this rule by using accent furniture as focal pieces, and the best pieces to choose are the vintage ones. Putting an oversized English oak writing desk right in the middle of your little study room can create exactly the opposite effect, making it seem broader.

You can also create a stunning effect by adding unique vintage rugs as the only floor element in the room. These rugs are well known for their mesmerizing textures and visuals that can completely change the experience of any room.

Old + New = Original

There is no way that your home style will look anything similar to others when you make this exquisite design a blend between vintage and modern. However, keep in mind that there is a thin line between eclectic and chaotic. You need to combine the pieces so that they can each still keep their individual charm, but when you look at them together, they create a whole different experience. You can do this by combining a carved armoire with a colorful Panton chair, or by simply placing a brass mirrored tray on an old timber coffee table to create a cohesive, yet charming combination.

Distribution matters

After you’re done redecorating, if you can draw a straight line between vintage and modern parts of the room, then you must try doing something different. This is a mistake that can easily be made if the distribution of different styles is not equal, and consequently it can also make one part of the room seem overwhelming, while others are practically unnoticeable.

If you wish to create an eclectic solution, then going for the 50/50 distribution is just fine. You just need to make sure that not all of your modern accessories are on one side of the room, and all of the vintage details are on the other. However, if you wish to keep one style dominant, then you should consult the 80/20 rule. Keeping the majority contemporary and also including small vintage details such as a grandfather clock or a framed vintage map can create the perfect blend.

In other words, you can keep you dominant style vintage, and make it only a bit contemporary by choosing details such as a pop-art statement wall piece. Finding your personal style in the clash of these titans is the ultimate goal, so focus on balance and choose wisely the pieces that suit your own liking.

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