Keeping the Stress at Bay: 4 Tips for Coping with the Daily Pressures of Life


In today’s hectic world, many people face work and family related obligations that can keep them quite busy and often overwhelmed.  It is no surprise that many people have serious issues with stress and stress-related illnesses. It is important for everyone to find methods for coping with these daily pressures of life.  These four tips can aid in finding the right methods to help you deal with your daily stress. This can help you feel happier and healthier during your hectic day to day life.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can be a great way to reduce stress in your life.  It helps to burn off the nervous energy that can build up during stressful situations.  It can also improve your health to help better enable your body to handle the stress. Joining a gym can be a great way to burn off that excess energy caused by stress.  Finding gym locations near your home or work can help increase the likelihood that you will utilize your membership.  It can also be a great incentive for hitting the gym right after a particularly stressful experience.

Understanding Your Stress

The first step in managing your stress is to understand where it comes from.  Finding the problem or situation that creates the pressure or stress in your daily life can help you determine the best method for easing or avoiding that stress.  However, this task can be harder than it seems. Although you may feel stressed out when home with your family, they may not be the source of your problem. Work-related issues or stress about a future problem may actually be causing this feeling of pressure or anxiety.  

Once you know the source or sources of your stress, it is time to determine which stressful activities you can avoid or limit.  For example, if visiting a particular family member makes you stressed, then maybe limiting your time with that family member can help ease the pressure.  Unfortunately, avoidance is not always possible. For those situations, it is good to plan stress-relieving activities that can be done before or after the events that cause stress.  


There have been a plethora of studies that have shown music to be beneficial in reducing the effects of stress.  This study on PubMed shows that music played during stressful activities can reduce heart rate and blood pressure while performing these activities.   Although different types of music have been used for a variety of studies, it seems that choosing a type of music that makes you feel more relaxed can be the perfect cure for easing stress throughout the day.

Immediate Stress Help

When a situation occurs that induces excessive amounts of stress, it may not always be possible to exercise or put on some music.  In these situations, it is a good idea to find a few little tricks to help you calm down. This can include slow breathing or even counting to ten.  These little tips may not be the best way to reduce overall stress in your life, but they can be beneficial in situations where you feel as though the stress needs to stop.  The American Heart Association offers a list of immediate stress reducing activities, as well as other tips and tricks to help ease your daily stress.  

Everyone faces stress and stressful situations from time to time.  Sometimes, this stress can become very difficult to manage, especially in today’s hectic world.  Fortunately, there are methods that can help reduce that stress. You just have to find the best methods that work for you and stick to them.  This can help reduce your stress and improve your overall health in the process.



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