A Glimpse Into the World of Rare Flowers


The world is definitely a beautiful place thanks to flowers. While there are some we are lucky enough to see every day, there are a whole range of rare flowers that are equally beautiful. Here is a look at some of them.

Jade Vine

From the tropical rainforests in the Philippines, it is quite closely related to the kidney bean family. The flowers are claw shaped and they come down from trusses that hang. They grow as large as three meters in length and vary in color from blue to green. They are now believed to be bordering on extinct.

Corpse Flower

These are found in the tropical rainforests in the islands of Indonesia. Along with being beautiful, it is also rare and can grow up to a meter in width. It depends completely on a vine called Tetrastigma to survive. It emits a vile smell that attracts its prey.

Gibraltar Campion

Named after where it is found — the cliff sides of Gibraltar – there was a time right up to the 1980s when it was believed to be extinct. In 1992, it was discovered again, but just a single species of the flower. It is beautiful and can be found at the Almeda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens and Royal Botanic Gardens in London.

Franklin Tree

This is rare and can no longer be found in the wild. It was made popular by the Bartram family- horticulturists who propagated it before it died in the wild. It has beautiful white blossoms that turn red in the fall.

Parrot’s Beak

Its availability has decreased since the 1880s, and it was believed to be extinct, but there are a few of these left in the Canary Islands. Despite propagation being carried out right now, the flower no longer yields fruit.

Chocolate Cosmos

This flower finds its home in Mexico. It has been extinct in the wild from the beginning of the 1900s. What remains today is a clone of the plant that is not fertile and, therefore, cannot be well propagated. The flowers range from being deep red to a brown color and are around 4cm in width. They give off a beautiful vanilla fragrance.

Found only in Hawaii, the only surviving branch of this tree was grafted onto 23 trees in the area and today continues to survive as a hybrid. It has the most strikingly beautiful red flowers that will take your breath away. They bloom rarely and are quite a privileged site.

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

This rare kind of orchid can be found in Europe with Britain being a strong hold. Even in its natural environment, it is not a plant that can take care of itself. Rather, it requires the presence of fungus for nourishment.
Ghost Orchid

Extinct for the past two decades, it has recently come back to life again. Propagation, like most other plants of its kind, is difficult, especially since photosynthesis does not work with flower. Enthusiasts have to wait for years together to catch a glimpse of this plant.

Middlemist Red

There are only two known rare flowers, and they are in New Zealand and in Britain respectively. A native of China, this plant has flowers that are bright pink and have a rose like look. Many believe that this plant is present in other personal gardens, in most cases, with the owners being unaware.

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