What is an Electrician and why would I want one?


An electrician is a person that is specialised in electrical wiring of buildings, machines and other related items. Most people hire an electrician due to the fact they have been extensively trained, and therefore have qualifications to be able to do their job correctly and safely.

There are people who feel that electricians are not of any use as anything they do could be read out of a book, but this is an extremely dangerous mind-set to have. Electricians have spent years learning to ensure that they are able to deal with an issue quickly and effectively.

Most building regulations insist that a certified electrician sets up or inspects wiring in private or public buildings while they’re being built as well as having regular inspections to make certain that there are no health risks to the occupants.

So how do you find a great electrician?

Locating an Electrician

The best way to find a great electrician is to ask friends and family who they’ve used before. Having an electrician recommended to you generally means they’ve impressed that person and has previously delivered a great service. If there’s nobody able to suggest an electrician to you, then you are able to locate them through the Yellow Pages or through web-based search engine. When doing an online search, try to be location specific such as typing Electrician Perth so that the results that come up are electricians
only in your area.

What to Remember

Professional electricians are always in high demand and working. If someone comes to your door to tout for work, consider it extremely carefully as it may be a cowboy worker. These are people who will start the job but leave it unfinished, or unsafe. If anyone does come to your door, be sure to ask for ID and then check it against a legitimate company before you let them in.

There are trade inspection authorities such as NICEIC who check work from registered electricians to ensure their work is of a national standard. An electrician of one of these authorities should be able to provide up-to-date membership information to prove that they are able to provide a great service. Other authorities include the British Standards Institution and National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers. Be sure to check their membership is up-to-date. If you have any reason to think that their membership has lapsed, you are able to contact the related authority to confirm the information that should be showing on the membership card.

Check the qualifications of the electrician. They should have at minimum an NVQ at level three of “Electro-Technical Services”, as well as being Part P registered. This means they are able to provide legally approved electrical work at the property.

Before you go ahead and hire an electrician, you should ask around and get quotes from multiple people to ensure that the price you are being charged isn’t extortionate and in line with what other local, professional electricians charge in the area.


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