5 Home Decor Trends That Pop


5 Home Decor Trends That Pop

Fads come and go but style is forever. In today’s fast-paced life it is as if there is a new fad plastered on the cover of your favorite magazine or mom-bloggers Instagram on the daily. Who’s to say what’s to stay? While fads have a freakishly fast lifecycle, here today and gone tomorrow, we have picked out a few decor trends worth trying — that will hopefully last longer than nap time. 

Lighting Pendants 

Lighting accessories looking drab? Add some personality with lighting pendants. Great in kitchens, dining rooms and foyers, the right lighting pendant can transform the look of a room for a relatively affordable cost. Think about it in terms of fashion; a lighting pendant is like the right accessory. Although it may be small, it can pull the entire look together. Chandelier-styles look divine in dining spaces. Hanging bronze pendants with hand-blown glass shades provide optimal work light above a kitchen island. And drum pendants can add a modern touch to any entryway or foyer.

Decorative Fringe 

Fringe is not just for fashion, it can be used in decor to add natural texture to your living space. A woven wall hanging can give any room in your home some extra flair. Fringe-accented laundry containers can collect your dirty linens and things, and they are much nicer to look at than those bulky plastic bins. Or, rest your feet on a boho-style fringe pouf in the family room.

Ceiling Wallpaper

Things are looking up, quite literally. Sure, we already know that the right wallpaper can make a chic, bold statement in any room, but why be constrained to the walls? Hang wallpaper to the ceiling. Choose a wallpaper print or style — geometric and graphic patterns are a fabulous choice — that complements the design of the room. For example, if your living space is painted a dark plum hue, choose a wallpaper with pops of purples and neutrals to tie it all together.

Velvet Furniture

Velvet is making a serious comeback. Start small by implementing a velvet ottoman, splurging on a fashionable velvet sitting chair or pair two velvet brightly colored sofas together for a voguish look in your living room. It’s best to mix an match your furniture, especially when it comes to trendy pieces like velvet, so be careful not to go overboard.

Moody Paint Colors

Mother may have said white walls are best, but this is your home now. Add a little bit of personality to your nest with a coat of modern color — think moody, dark hues for a big, bold statement. Feeling skeptical? Test out your fondness for a darker coat with an accent wall. It is best to use a moody color in a room that gets ample natural light because you are not trying to recreate the bedroom of your angsty teenage years. Pepper in some bright furniture and decor items and you have a living space worthy of your favorite home decor glossy.

Forget the fads, add some style to your home with chic pendant lighting options, moody paint hues, soft velvety furniture, a wallpapered ceiling or natural textures like fringe.

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