5 Handy Tips For Bug Proofing Your Home


As the long, cold winter months are finally behind us, it means spring is finally on the way. Great news for you and your family, but not so joyous for your home. The warmer weather can see all sorts of creepy crawlies and insects come out of the woodwork, looking for a nice new home to enjoy for the rest of the year. Now, you may already be reaching for the high potency bug spray for bug proofing your home, or perhaps there is a product that you swear by each year – but is it truly safe for use for you, your family and pets? The chances are that if you are looking to protect your home without getting the professionals in, any sprays or pesticides you will buy over the counter are full of nasty chemicals and products that can be damaging to everyone’s health. Luckily, there is a range of ways that you can get your home prepared to avoid any infestations. If you do notice some unwelcome critters, then there is a range of humane, environmentally-friendly and quick and easy techniques you can use to get rid of any pests, before having to call in the specialists.

Get growing

Unbelievably, herbs are the ideal natural repellent for keeping creepy crawlies and insects at bay and out of your home. So, if you have space in your backyard to plant up a few pots of herbs or even a herb garden, then this is the ideal natural remedy for making sure that no unwanted guests enter your home. Plus, you will have an array of herbs and spices to use in your recipes and home-cooked dishes too. Herbs such as citronella are ideal if you want to make sure that mosquitoes don’t enter your property. Lavender is ideal for keeping moths, houseflies, and fleas at bay, while rosemary acts as the ideal companion plant, keeping insects off the rest of your garden, and repelling flies and mosquitoes. So, if you feel like getting green fingered and are looking to protect your home, make the most of your outside space and plant a herb garden.

Clean up your kitchen

If you and your kids leave unwashed, dirty dishes or piles of food on your kitchen sides, then you are actively attracting pests and bugs into your home. If you want to make sure that you get rid of any critters, it’s time to keep your food under wraps and brush up to stop any new unwanted guests from entering. If you have pets, then make sure that you throw away any leftover food, or stop leaving food out overnight. Make sure that you store your dry cupboard staples, such as rice, sugar, flour, and grains in airtight sealed containers. It is important that you keep on top of your kitchen cleanliness too, so make sure that you get the kids involved in clearing all surfaces and any dirty dishes after each meal, not to mention sweeping up any crumbs or leftover bits of food. Finally, take the trash and your recycling out on a regular basis to prevent any critters from being tempted by your leftovers.

Make sure your home is dry

If your home is damp and dark or full of mold and mildew, it’s the ideal breeding ground for a variety of nasty pests and bugs. Wet, crumbly walls and wood are seriously tasty eating for cockroaches, while mosquitoes are drawn towards any areas that are full of old, stagnant water. If you have a damp or mold problem in your home, then it is time to take control. Be sure to wipe up any pools of water, not only will this keep bugs away, but it will prevent any trips or accidents happening. Next, if you have a water store in your backyard, then be sure to keep it well covered and protected, so mosquitoes can’t lay their eggs. If you already have a mold or damp problem, then you will need to begin by replacing the rotten door or window frames with new wood or materials. Be sure to apply a protective outer glaze to prevent this issue from recurring in the future.

You may also want to use this time to repair any potential areas of your home that could soon attract creepy crawlies or vermin. Fix and turn off leaky taps, make sure that any plasterboard or walls are properly insulated and covered, while open and broken floorboards should be repaired or boarded up quickly to prevent mice or other unwelcome visitors from making themselves at home.

Keep a lookout

If you are suffering from a serious bug issue, then it is vital that you keep an eye out to prevent the problem from getting worse. If you think that your home has a bed bug infestation, which can irritate your little one’s skin, not to mention is very unpleasant, then be sure to replace your bed sheets on a regular basis and flip your mattress too. Make sure to wash any clothes at 180 Fahrenheit or more to kill off any lingering bugs or bacteria. Remember, the weather will seriously affect any bug or infestation issues too – vermin and critters will want to camp out in your home during the colder months, while the summer can also provide an attractive, warm environment for laying eggs and breeding. So, if you know that you already have a few unwelcome guests, it is vital that you get rid of them before the problem escalates. Reliable, professional companies such as Go-Forth Pest Control of Raleigh can help you to get rid of all your pest problems, so make sure that you call in the experts if you can’t keep on top of all those creepy crawlies yourself.

Use alternate methods             

Luckily, if you are trying to look for greener and more eco-friendly pest control options, then there are a few natural remedies which you can try to get rid of bugs and pests. Herbs are of course the ideal natural deterrent, and you can even use natural oils if you are unable to grow your own herbs, and make these into a spray to get rid of unwelcome and annoying insects. If you drink a lot of coffee or are able to get some coffee grounds from your local café, then this is the ideal natural deterrent for ants and some other bugs – who can’t stand the stuff. Great news if you are a hard-core caffeine fan! Ants are huge fans of sugar and any sweet treats, so by mixing up a solution of borax and sugar, or even sprinkling some close to any desserts or sugar-laden titbits you can be sure to get rid of any ant-sized problems. Likewise, apple cider vinegar or sugary soda, in a shaker or funnel-topped bottle is the ultimate appeal for flies or wasps. However, once they have fallen into the bottle, they are unable to get out again. Providing you with peace of mind if you have infants or inquisitive small hands around your home. Try mixing up some of these eco-friendly alternatives to pest control and placing them around your home during the warmer months if you are looking to stop critters and creepy crawlers from entering your property.

If you have a current pest control issue or feel that the problem is getting out of hand, then it can be very demoralizing. In particular, if you have young kids whom you feel could be at risk if you splash out on expensive pest control products. However, help is at hand so that you can ensure your home remains bug proof and free from unwelcome guests all year round. First, if you have some space in your backyard then be sure to plant up a herb garden. Not only will this provide you with a variety of delicious herbs for your cooking, but it is also the ideal way to keep critters and insects away in a more humane way. Inside your property, you will also need to take care and make a few changes to get rid of unwanted pests. If your kitchen sides or table is covered in crumbs and dirty plates, then make sure you get your entire family involved in cleaning after each meal. You should also take out old trash and recycling regularly. Next, make sure that you repair any areas of your home that are damp or have mildew growing as these can attract a variety of nasty pests such as mosquitoes and cockroaches that are looking to lay their eggs. Turn off leaky taps and repair rotten surfaces or floorboards to prevent mice or other larger vermin from entering your home. It is also vitally important that you keep a lookout around your home during the year, in particular, if you have already noticed a few creepy crawlies about the place. Don’t put off calling for professional help if you have a serious infestation problem either, as this will be too much for you to try and treat on your own. Finally, if you are trying to find more humane and eco-friendly alternatives for killing off bugs and nasties, then you can use home remedies to help. You can make your own ant traps using coffee grounds and sugar, while if you suffer from flies in the summer then be sure to try tempting them into a bottle, filled with sugary soda or vinegar.

It is easier than you might think to bug proof your home. So make sure that you keep on top of your household chores and be prepared, just in case any critters try to set up home.

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