The Home Style Seeker – Finding a Balance Between Gorgeous and Gaudy


Between Pinterest and The Block – and the seven thousand other channels out there, it’s easy to get caught up in the look of the moment. As humans, we are drawn to bold statement features that we don’t see in everyday life. But as a home-style seeker, one must see the wood through the trees and only select pieces that are gorgeous, and not gaudy – disguised as gorgeous. What works in an edgy loft may not work in your terraced home, and having a strong feeling towards corduroy furnishings means you don’t have to act on it.  

Incorporate the classics

When deciding on how to style your home, it’s hard to go by the classics. They serve as a compass, steering you down a path to a timeless home that never goes out of style. As long as you have these gorgeous foundations in place, it frees you up to give your home a splash of color here, and a statement feature there. A design balanced home will have a reliable garage door, a modest exterior color, an open plan kitchen, and a functional outdoor entertaining area.

Do your home justice

Home-style is not “one size fits all,” which makes each home unique in its own right. Whether it’s a beach house, apartment, or a house you are preparing to sell – lean on the character of the home. Every home has character and this is an established look you can build on, rather than creating from scratch! Most homes fall into certain types – from contemporary, art deco, tudor, and many more. Often times, furniture is designed for these very types.

If the interiors of your home are brick, stone, and wood, use simple styling features since the home already has a lot going on. Contemporary homes will have a simple structure, allowing you to make up for it with bright rugs, furniture, and even kitchen finish.

One room at a time

When you start writing your home wishlist don’t get caught up in the items themselves, but instead where they will work in the home. That’s right, we are talking about a detailed plan.

You may think you’ve found the right balance of gorgeous to gaudy, but without a thorough plan of what will go where, you may find your living room is a tasteful haven and the bedroom a bold and conflicting disaster. Take it one room at a time, with a visual mood board for each space so that you can draft and redraft before it’s too late.

Follow your heart

Home and Garden. Vogue. Whatever your vice. Take their advice but follow your heart when it comes to creating your dream home. Adorning the walls with your personal photography, or framed pictures of friends, will always be in style. The question of gorgeous and gaudy becomes insignificant if it makes your heart sing and makes a house a home.

We are each influenced by our experiences, our design taste and the preferences of those we admire. Sometimes these influences do not come together in quite a harmonious culmination, and so we need to consider the classics, the character of the home, and how we can weave our true passions and love into each room. Don’t overthink your home styling, it’s supposed to be fun!

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