5 Helpful Robots for Busy Moms


Every single day, scientists are relentlessly thinking about, designing and developing new technological creations meant to make life easier. For every busy mum, this is a blessing. In no time, all the household chores will have a robot to perform them. While we wait for that moment, we can still enjoy the already available robotic gadgets that will help make tasks faster, perform chores more effectively and save us all that energy that would have been incurred in performing those tasks manually. Even though considered out of reach for most people financially, more affordable models of robotic gadgets are making their way into the market, giving more mums the lifetime opportunity to enjoy life and have their household chores spot-on. Without further ado, here are the top 5 most helpful robots for busy moms, that have offloaded them of the toughest household cleaning duties.

1.Robotic Toilet Cleaner.

Cleaning the toilet is one of the chores you can’t avoid at any cost especially if you have children in your household. The toilets have to be spotless for your home’s hygienic conditions to be upheld; thus it is a task you have to accomplish on a daily basis. If there were a way out of this, most mums would heave a sigh of relief. Well, there is apparently a way out of it, thanks to the toilet-cleaning robot. With few options in the market and other still under development, there have been different designs that have come up, each promising better results than the previous. However, the best model is one that uses cleaning capsules with a flexible brush that reaches and cleans every spot within the toilet bowl. For busy families that need their toilets washes multiple times in a day, this robotic toilet cleaner comes as a huge blessing.

2.Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Any homeowner has probably heard of or owned a robotic vacuum cleaner as it is the most common and easily accessible household robot for most people. A robotic vacuum cleaner makes use of robotics, navigation sensors, and dirt detectors to maneuver around your floors, inhaling any dirt they come across. With an incredible suction, reliable filtration, scheduled cleaning, remote control, and auto-charging features, the robotic vacuum gives you the best handsfree floor cleaning experience. Since most of them are Wi-Fi enabled, you can easily control them via their smartphone app, check their status and set up virtual boundaries for them, even while away from home. With the best brands in the industry such as the Neato and Roomba robotic vacuums becoming more affordable by the day, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your home. If you are looking into investing in one of these, then the comparison between these robot vacuum cleaners you can find in this article, to guide you on the best model that will adequately cater for your floor cleaning needs. Some of these vacuum cleaners have the floor steaming and drying capabilities, which give them the ultimate versatility. With this same technology, a window cleaning robotic vacuum that is helping busy moms by a great deal has also been invented.

3.Laundry Robot.

For most mums, doing their family’s laundry is the most tasking chore even if there is a washing machine. The laundry robot can help you take care of the laundry by washing, steaming and drying your clothes in a very short period. With the Swash laundry robot promising to perform all these tasks in 10 minutes, there is definitely no way you can beat it at its job. Even if you don’t do your own laundry, 10 minutes isn’t enough to even take your clothes to the dry cleaners. Instead, you could just invest in a laundry robot and enjoy your private laundry cleaning sessions in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is hang your clothes and set the robot to proceed with the cleaning process.

4.Garden Robots.

For your home to look attractive and welcoming, your lawn and garden must be in perfect shape, which is green and lush. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; you need to achieve this as it speaks a lot about your image. While it may not be possible for you to do it on your own, you may enlist the help of garden robots. Such robots are designed for the outdoors and are waterproof and solar-operated. The first kind of garden robot is one that travels through vegetable beds and flowerbeds, identifying and pulling out weeds. Another garden robot waters your plants efficiently and effectively depending on their needs. Finally, you can get one that mows your lawns. You can control your garden robots via a smartphone app, thus reducing the amount of time that would have been spent performing these chores manually.

5.Robotic Gutter Cleaner.

While most people put it in the back of their minds, cleaning gutters are very important especially for houses located close to trees. However, since gutter cleaning is cumbersome and dangerous, you may have to seek the help of professional cleaners, but most people don’t do it altogether. Well, the days for absconding your gutter cleaning duties are now over, thanks to the robotic gutter cleaner. While there are very few models in the market, they have been tested to work with diligence. Like a handheld vacuum cleaner, this cleaner works by hustling down the gutters, agitating any debris and flicking them out of the drain using its rotating brushes. All you need to do is switch this robotic gutter cleaner on and place it in the gutter, and it will do the rest of the job for you.

Final Verdict.

For a very long time, most busy mums thought that the only way they could keep their homes clean was by toiling throughout the day, mopping floors, handwashing everything and dusting the rest. However, with the intrusion of robots into our households, it has become easier for busy moms to handle multiple household tasks simultaneously. They can even handle a full-time job while keeping their households in perfect shape. With these five robots discussed above, you are definitely going to enjoy a great time keeping your home clean and getting enough extra time to commit to your career, hobbies, children, and family as well.

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