SuperStream, A Smart Sanitary Way to Clean your Toilet!


When it comes to cleaning toilets I think everyone will agree it can be the most disgusting area of the home to clean. We know that toilets holds more germs than any other area of your home, even though we flush things down the toilet it stills holds more germs due to the splash residue that occurs.

Now things can change when it comes to toilet cleaning, you see SuperStream is here to take cleaning your toilet to a whole new level of cleaning. This revolutionary power washer for the toilet is a smarter and more sanitary way to clean plus it’s now live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the SuperStream  project to fruition.


So if you’re like me you’re asking by now what is this SuperStream? Well, you know how dirty and nasty it can be when cleaning waste left behind inside your toilet bowl, when your cleaning and there’s still all kind of waste and germs stuck to your toilet brush, you know the moment where cleaning a toilet can gross you out.

Well SuperStream will put your toilet cleaning worries to ease with this new innovative product. It’s a power washer for your toilet and it’s a brand new way to clean your toilet in a more sanitary, effective way. 

Its powerful pumping mechanism shoots a blast of water which can clean your bowl without you ever having to touch the poo. It can even clean streaks and splatter under the water line where sometimes brushes miss. Before long you’ll have that sparkling clean and shiny bowl after every use all because of the SuperStream.



The SuperStream is easy to use and its battery powered so you can use it whenever needed, the battery can last months. It’s very simple to use, simply fill the SuperStream water tank add soap or bleach to the water tank if you wish to make cleaning with SuperStream even more sanitary.


A single tank of water can last for many uses of SuperStream. In addition, the company has designed a cord organizer into the back of SuperStream so that SuperStream can be placed away nicely.

“Toilet brushes are terrible because they get the poop all over them when you’re using them,” says founder Chris Bouton on the inspiration behind the project, “When you’re done using them the water drips on the floor as you’re putting the brush back and a pool of poo water forms in the bottom of the little cup that you’re supposed to store them in. All around toilet brushes are an unsanitary, yucky way to clean your toilet. “

The SuperStream was created by a young man name Chris Bouton who saw a need to find a better solution to cleaning his toilet after walking  into the bathroom one day after his 8 year old son had just used the toilet and thought to himself, there has to be a better way to clean this bowl! He looked over and saw the disgusting toilet brush in the corner…

After several different prototypes, Chris Bouton nailed the SuperStream with perfection with the perfect pump, nozzle, and SuperStream Splash Guard designed to prevent water from splashing out of the bowl during cleaning. The powerful pumping mechanism used in SuperStream means that SuperStream actually works the way it says it does. It can even clean streaks and splatter under the water line.


With the KickStarter project, the company can now raise money to manufacture the creation of moulds for the SuperStream which are very expensive. Their seeking my help and yours to help them achieve their goal in getting this to the market.  So go over to their Kickstarter page and donate to helping them get this awesome product to production!


Here is more about SuperStream:

SuperStream is a better, more sanitary way to clean your toilet. Its powerful pumping mechanism shoots a blast of water which can clean your bowl without you ever having to touch the poo. Toilet brushes suck, use a SuperStream!


For more information on SuperStream please visit SuperSteamCleaner, “No More Nasty Toilet Brushes”!!

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