5 Tips to Improving Your Running Pace


It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to run or if you are an experienced athlete, there are always things you can do to improve your pace time. Many articles have been written and many techniques have been developed to accomplish this daunting task. Depending upon on your skill level and experience, you will have to debate between the different options and choose the one (or few) that fit you best. Not sure where to even start? Here are 5 different tips to consider when choosing the best way to improve your pace time:


  • Develop good technique: Running with your upper body straight but not stiff and swinging your arms back and forth and not side to side like many people do are just a couple of techniques that will improve your pace. Additionally, you should try to count your steps. Run for a minute and count how many times you step your right foot on the ground, multiply that number by two and you will have the total number of steps. This helps you to know how good you are doing and will help you to decide whether you need to step your pace up. Another way to find out your pace is using a running calculator app on your phone, as this will help you to find your pace using a few data points.



  • Interval trainings and sprints: Interval training is a combination of high and low-intensity exercises. Doing these, you will gain speed and endurance. These also helps to burn those extra calories that you may have consumed, which means that you will be lose weight and less weight will have to be carried by your legs. Start training doing some sprints of at least of 50 mt and gradually increase your speed. This intense effort makes your legs stronger and combined with good technique, will improve your running pace.



  • Jump rope and use the treadmill: These two gym exercises can help a lot. One, the treadmill allows you to train indoors, so no excuses when you deal with bad weather! the treadmill also helps you train at a higher pace by only pushing a button to increase speed and incline. The jump rope on the other hand, will help you to have more power in your calves. Youtube has some excellent videos to follow in regards to jumping rope with a purpose.



  • Purchase lighter shoes: Anything that gives you even the slightest advantage counts in a race. Wearing heavy shoes on your feet will get you tired more quickly and will make your muscles lose power. Try trading them in for a lighter pair and the difference may give you that extra help you have been looking for. Also, if the shoes are lighter, that may mean they have more recent technology and will be more comfortable for your running activity.



  • Breathing and resistance: Practicing proper breathing techniques will help you to majorly increase your endurance. Inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. This technique will bring the most amount of oxygen to your muscles. While you practice your breathing, using a little resistance may not be a bad idea. A training parachute, which produces resistance while running, will increase your power.



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