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Garbage bags began to use for the first time in Canada in one of city hospitals in 1950. As it isn’t surprising, but public services, instead of private business were the first customers as it usually happens. Somewhere in the mid-sixties garbage bags enter into house use.

Today you can’t see the people who are taking out garbage in buckets. Time dictates the rules, and at present rate of life garbage bags and bin liners considerably simplified life. Garbage packages are for today the most effective types of flexible packing. The cheap price completely justifies their mission. Everywhere where you wouldn’t be you accompany garbage bags: whether at work where you under a table have a basket with a garbage bag, whether at a bus stop where in a tank for garbage the garbage bag is put on, whether on a trip by train or the plane and at last the house. Garbage bags became habitual attribute of our life. Life doesn’t stand still and on a scene already there were biodegradable garbage bags. You don’t want to pollute environment, so it is necessary for you to use biodegradable garbage packages which completely decay without prejudice to environment during less than a year, on inorganic nontoxic components under the influence of ultra-violet beams.

Garbage bags and bin liners are different sizes: from 30 liters with standard sizes (50×60¼) to 300 liters with standard sizes (100×150¼).

Then you need to be defined from what material the bag is necessary. It can be PHP (polyethylene of a high pressure) or PLP (polyethylene of low pressure). PND are to the touch similar to packages in which you pack products in modern large supermarkets, with characteristic “rustling”. Garbage packages of PND are steady against oils and solvents, have high durability at stretching. Such bags are ideal for house recycling.

Heavy bottles, oil food and household waste to such bags at all, they can long be stored in extreme conditions. Garbage packages of PVD to the touch smooth don’t “rustle”, it is difficult to damage those sharp subjects, but they are more subject to stretching. Ideal option for office.

In production everything depends on that which wastes to have to utilize. If it is various chemical and organic waste — it becomes undoubted the best choice of PND. Its indicators of firmness at interaction with organic reagents are much higher. On building sites and inorganic production by the undoubted leader there is PVD a package for garbage.

Garbage bags happen without outsets, garbage bags to outsets and garbage packages to ears. Choice in this case — a matter of taste. Bags don’t differ on quality, only convenience of use and respectively at the price of.

Garbage bags and bin liners are made from polyethylene. Packages made of secondary raw materials differ from garbage packages from primary raw materials a characteristic polyethylene smell and they are less qualitative. Their main advantage is a very low price. When using difference you don’t feel. The matter is in personal preferences. Garbage bags of secondary processing are cheaper.

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