Helping Your Kids Become More Independent


Helping Your Kids Become More Independent

Quite simply, your little ones becoming more independent will be good for both you and them. This way you’ll have more time for you and your kids will be learning how to grow up. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not a hands-off process. They’re going to need your help to make this a reality. Your guidance is what’s going to allow them to break away from you and ultimately be their own person. You need to understand that it will take time, so everyone needs to be patient. It’s a give-and-take process that requires both of you to change your ways. Remember to keep a positive attitude and believe in your children.

Have Them Assist You in Clothes Shopping

One activity you’re likely doing for your kids right now is clothes shopping for them. However, you can help them become more independent by shopping together for outfits online at Nicki’s Dior for kids. Sit down, let them know their budget and go through which pieces you both can agree upon to purchase. As you do this more often as a family, you’ll begin to see that they’re capable of shopping for themselves and you just have to be there to monitor the transactions.

Don’t Always Give Them the Answers

You don’t always want to be handing over the answers to your kids when you know they’re capable of coming to a conclusion on their own. For example, agree to help them with their homework, but make them work through the problem and figure out the answer before you tell them what it is. When they ask you questions, pause for a moment and request that they take time to think about their inquiry and to try to come up with a few possible answers themselves before you speak up.

Assign Them Responsibilities

Your kids will become more independent when you assign them responsibilities and chores to complete on their own. There’s no reason to hound them after you’ve told them what to do. See if they take care of the tasks on their own by the deadline you give them. It’s likely you’ve been taking care of business for them when they’re perfectly capable of doing so themselves. All you have to do is ask and explain what you need, and you’ll likely get what you want.

Respect & Trust your Children

The only way you’re going to truly grant your children their independence is if you back off and respect and trust them. Micromanaging their every move isn’t helping them to learn and grow. Instead, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that they’re going to mess up and make mistakes, but you have to be understanding and see it as a learning experience for both of you. It’s about letting go and allowing them to proceed without you holding their hand. Treat your kids how you expect them to act, and they most likely will deliver great results.


Your kids don’t become independent overnight. It takes practice and a fundamental shift in your home life and parenting style. Move in slowly and build upon your successes as you guide your children to find their independence.

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5 years ago

Great tips! I know this article is intended for parents of younger kids. But upon reading it, I realize this also applies to me. I’m a mom of two teen boys, who like most kids, feel entitled. Preparation for adulthood doesn’t stop when they reach 18. They may be out of the house for college but constant (distant) communication is key.

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