Benefits of an Electric Tankless Water Heater


Today, the advantages of owning an electric tankless water heater are apparent to many. For this same reason, manufacturers have jumped at the opportunity to cash in on the demand. And as you can imagine, each manufacturer will install a unique set of features on their version of the product. 

So, you need to determine what your particular water heating needs are so that you get the best water heater for you. But in spite of that, you should get a product that ranks as the best in some way or another. 

And to save you the grunt work of comparing dozens of models, you can always see top quality reviews of these top products here.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike tank-based water heaters, an electric tankless water heater draws power only when the hot water is needed. Therefore, they save a lot of power. Traditional models have to heat up a whole tank of water; even when just a little of it will be needed. As this water cools, the energy used to heat it goes to waste.

A typical electric tankless water heater tends to be between 92% and 96% with regard to energy efficiency. In fact, their energy saving benefit is the reason many people pick them over traditional tank water heaters. 

More Durable 

Because they don’t have to stay on the entire time, they also last a lot longer. Traditional water heaters have to operate for much longer in order to keep the water in the storage tanks hot, and that makes them wear out much faster. 

When determining how durable these heaters will be, the accompanying warranty can give you a hint as to what you should expect. Manufacturers who have a lot of confidence in their products will typically get behind them with long warranty offers. 

However, note that you might have to register your product and have it installed professionally to validate the warranty offer. 

Better Space Economy

These water heaters are also great for homes that don’t have adequate space for tank-based water heaters. A tankless water heater does not need much space, and that means it can save you lots of space you might not have to begin with. 

Endless Water Supply

Another important benefit of these water heaters is that they can provide as much hot water as you need. On the contrary, a traditional hot water system can supply only as much water as the storage tank can hold. Once this water runs out, you would have to wait quite a while before you get more. 

Still, to have an endless hot water supply, you will have to buy the right kind of electric tankless water heater. Features to consider are the flow rate and the size of the heater. These two things will determine the maximum water capacity the heater can supply at any given time. 

For this reason, there is usually a direct relationship between the heating system’s flow rate and the size of its water heater. Heaters that offer greater flow rates typically have larger heaters as well. 

They Offer Better Resale Value

Tankless water heaters also have a better resale value in comparison to their traditional alternatives. That is partly because they don’t wear out as quickly as older water heater models. The better resale value should come in handy if you get to a point where you need an upgrade and have to sell the current heater to get another version. 

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, you need an electric tankless water heater that can satisfy your hot water needs. A model that works perfectly for another household might not be adequate for you and your larger family. 

Similarly, a heater that delivers enough water for a commercial concern would be too big an investment for someone living alone

Therefore, the secret to enjoying all the benefits a tankless water heater has to offer is to get the best electric tankless water heater there is; subject to your specific needs. Once you do, then you can look forward to unrivaled energy efficiency, improved space economy, long life of service, and best of all, an uninterrupted supply of hot water among other important benefits. 

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5 years ago

if a bought a electric tankless water heater form the retail then what will be cost for installation.