5 Careers For Mothers Who Want To Work Part-Time


Being a working mom can be hard, especially if you have to spend time away from your children to earn some money. However, there are jobs out there that are perfect for mothers who want to have their cake and eat too, by splitting their week working and spending time with their families. And although not all jobs offer mothers the flexibility that they truly deserve, there are many career pathways that are more accommodating to mothers and care-givers. 


  • Teacher


If you want to work part-time and have time for your kids throughout the week you should consider becoming a teacher or tutor. Traditionally, teachers spend most of their days in a classroom teaching children, but these days there are many different jobs for teachers available. You can teach children or adults and you can teach them in person or over the internet via video conferencing. This means that you can pick and choose when you want to teach your students and can work from home while looking after your children if you need to. People are always looking for tutors in subjects like maths, English and other languages, so may find it easier to get a job if one of these subjects is your special area of knowledge. Another great thing about being a teacher is that you will always have school holidays off so that you can spend time with your kids when they aren’t at school. This means you will save money on childcare because you will be able to look after your children when they have time off for holidays, which is something that many working mothers have to think about. Given the situation,  COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered schools as a result the government developed “Online Class” to support education of the students. Proper and calm environment is necessary when doing online class, Internet connection is the most important thing when working at home for proper communication and engagement. Please read the Internet Advisor guide to learn more.


  • Beautician


If you have an interest in hair and beauty and like the idea of working part-time, you should consider becoming a beautician. A beautician is someone who is trained in a range of cosmetology techniques and provides a service to their clients for a small fee. Most beauticians specialize in hair, makeup, nails or skincare, but you can complete a range of courses in beauty therapy to make yourself a more competent beautician. You can find many courses online that can help you to hone your skills in hair and beauty so that you can start to work part-time as a beautician if you choose to. When you start as a beautician, you may have to work full-time for a few months, because you will need to build up your client base and show people what you can do. However, once you have established yourself and you have honed your skills in your chosen area, you may find it easier to work when you choose to. So whether you work at a salon or you are running your own business, being a beautician is a great job for mothers who want to spend time with their children throughout the week.


  • Bookkeeper


If you have a head for numbers and you are great at sifting through data, you may have what it takes to be a great bookkeeper. Bookkeepers look after the clerical and financial aspects of a business or organisation and they go through any important records that may be available. Bookkeepers are usually in charge of creating reports based on the data that they find in the organisation’s financial statements and transactions, which helps the company to know how much money they are making and spending throughout the year. Bookkeeping is a great job for working mothers because there is always an opportunity for part-time work if have experience with this type of job. Organisations and companies are always looking for bookkeepers, and although it may not be as glamorous as other careers, you may find it easier to get a part-time position in this field than in other fields. Another great thing about bookkeeping is that most of the work can be done online if you choose to work from home, so you can do this type of work while you are at home with your children. So if you are after a bit of stability and you have a head for numbers and finance, you should consider becoming a bookkeeper. 


  • Content Writer


 If you are good at writing or editing and you want to work part-time you should consider becoming a content writer. These days, several companies and organizations are looking for writers and editors to help them with their copy for brochures, flyers, social media and websites and you can make some great money by becoming a freelance writer. But the best part about being a freelance writer is that you can pick the jobs that you take on to suit your schedule. So if you want more work, you can take on a few projects in a month and then take on less when you need a bit more time to be with your kids. Also, this is another job that can be completed from home because it is so easy to write or edit any work that is sent to you on your computer, so mothers with very young children don’t have to leave them to get their work done. 


  • Small Business Owner 


If you have a favourite hobby or activity that you love doing that you think you could monetise, you should consider starting your own business. It will take a lot of work to start your own business, especially if you have never run or managed a business before, but it can be a great way to earn money without working your regular 9-5. Running your own business allows you to be your own boss, so you can pick and choose when you want to work, which is great for mothers who need to look after their children. Making money won’t happen overnight, so you will need to work hard to start seeing a profit, but if you will be doing something that you enjoy doing, it will be well worth it in the long run. Just make sure you start small so that you can find a level of work that suits you and your lifestyle. For example, if your business centred around selling baked goods, just start by making a few custom orders for friends and family before you move on to do large orders for several customers a week. So if you have some spare time and a hidden talent, you should try starting your own business in your downtime. 

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