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Having the right to a good name, a proper education, and wholesome nurturing is every child’s entitlement. Parents are a blessing, having the incredible ability to love, and the immeasurable strength to step-up to fulfill the needs of their child.

Each child is a budding sprout that needs tender care, cultivation, and adequate self-determination to develop deep-seated roots in their faith and yield blossoming flowers and fruit to serve the society.

But to measure every child with the same yardstick, or even employing recurring, static parenting methods will be doing a disservice to the innate flowering talents of each child. Phoenix Psychologists not only gives psychological treatments but also counsel individuals to deal with surrounding people especially children in a better way. 


  • Communicating with Your Child


Children are like blank slates, and primarily the parents, inadvertently or not, fill in the slates with their verbal and non-verbal cues. How you talk to a child, the tone you use, the words you choose, or the encouragement you give or withhold will inscribe a template for how the child interprets the surroundings and sequentially interacts with it.

The Importance of Communication:

Communication builds relationships and connections with one another. To be able to communicate and connect with others effectively is a part of healthy psycho-social development. Parents who keep communication open between themselves and their children from an early age will always be able to have a healthy relationship and positive influence in their lives.


  • Positive Self Concept


Parental validation through communication is very necessary during the first years. Children prize the opinions of adults in their lives above all else. They define themselves through words their parents use to communicate with them. Parents who use encouragement and affirmations will reinforce a positive self-concept and affect how children think about themselves later in life. 

Confidence: Positive self-concept breeds a confident child. Self-assured children will be more active in taking part in their surroundings, feel competent, interact with others. They will also be better able to manage stress and develop resilience to negative experiences.


  • Non-Verbal Cues


Scientists will argue that human communication is first and foremost visual and non-verbal cues. Infants learn to communicate through facial expressions and body language long before they learn a language.

Touch and physical contact are also a means of communicating, especially when a child is young. It shows the child that you are present and paying attention to them. Infants who feel secure are more likely to explore their surroundings and develop cognition. 


  • Effective Communication


Communication is a two-way road. It doesn’t involve authoritative commands issued by the parent. Children are keen observers. They learn actively observing and subsequently ‘model’ the same behavior. Guardians who communicate effectively with their children are more likely to have children who are willing to do what they are told. Such children know what to anticipate from their parents, and once children know what is expected of them, they are more likely to live up to these expectations. They are also more likely to feel secure in their position in the family, and are hence more likely to be agreeable.

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