Cut Cost on Your Utilities with these Eight Tips


If there is one thing that can drag a great house down, it’s high utility costs. Every penny you save on your home can go back into renovations, into getting your kids into the extra-curriculars that they want, or just to treat yourself. Not only can it be easy to cut the cost of your electricity, gas, and water, it can be budget-friendly and even fun, too. 

There are so many ways to save money and help the environment while you are at it. Work with your family, know when to invest in the future, and use these top eight tips to get you started: 

Improve Insulation 

If your home is heating or cooling the air outside of your home, you’re fighting a losing battle and paying handsomely for the privilege. That is exactly what happens when your home is prone to draft, and many older homes are today. Even if your home was new when you purchased it and had all the top features of their day, these features would degrade over time. You owe it to yourself to bring in an inspector who will look at your home in a heat camera to see if there are any areas of your home that are releasing too much energy. 

If there are, then there are three ways you can tackle the problem. 


  • Insulate Home 


Modern insulation is very easy to install and can be done even from tight corners and is often done by the end of the day. This is because they now use an expanding foam that seals up the entire area, like an attic, tight. No air, water, or heat will escape these walls. 


  • Replace Windows and Doors 


Doors and windows are any home’s weak spots, but they can be improved by upgrading them or redoing the glazing in them. If there are areas of rot, for example, in the corners or in the trimmings, then there may be a structural issue that will make this replacement more expensive (but also far more essential). 


  • Use Rugs, Tapestries, and Textiles 


If you need time to save up for either of those two renovations options, then don’t worry; there are a few budget-friendly solutions to get you through the upcoming winter without paying extortionate amounts in your utilities. 

Thick, winterized curtains do wonders to keep the heat from escaping your windows. You can also put them over your doors to keep the cold draft out. Carpets, rugs, and even tapestries help to keep the walls and the floors warmer and insulated, and from there, just enjoy comfortable pyjamas and blankets! 

Reduce Electricity Usage 

To reduce electricity usage, you have three main options: 


  • Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances 


The appliance upgrade would need to be substantial to be worthwhile cost-wise, but if your fridge or appliances are over a decade or older, then it’s a good idea to at least look into the cost savings you could enjoy if you upgraded. Older appliances were very costly to run, and not even as efficient as today’s models, so if the cost savings add up over the years and cover the cost of the new unit before you know it, then always upgrade. 


  • Upgrade to Solar 


If there is one thing you can do that will help you drastically reduce costs month after month, then it is by switching to a solar system. You can opt for the full solar system from Custom Solar and Leisure Tucson, or you can keep it contained, for instance with a solar water heater or solar pool heater. Water heating alone costs huge amounts of money, and by powering just that one component of your home with solar, you can cut costs drastically. 

It’s also far cheaper than you would imagine, as there are government subsidiaries and tax credits you can claim that can cut costs by $1000 or more. You’ll save big, save the environment, and improve your home. 


  • Go Smart 


Don’t use energy you don’t need and do this easily with a smart system. Smart systems turn off your heating, lights, and anything else you tell it to when you leave and will even turn them back on like they were never off before you enter the door. 

Keep Your Home Efficient 

Efficiency goes beyond energy, but also in how you maintain your property. All systems need to be cared for so that they work well without overheating or breaking down. Similarly, knowing how your home’s systems are working for, you can help you make the right improvements in the future. 


  • Keep Systems Clean and Maintained 


If you want your HVAC unit to work well or your boiler to do its job with the least effort as possible, then you need to keep it all cleaned and maintained. Anything that has a filter needs to be cleaned out properly, or else residue build-up can result in the machine to break down or just work less efficiently year after year until it is irreparably damaged. 


  • Monitor Energy, Water, and Gas Usage 


The best way to know what works and what needs improvement is to actually understand your energy usage. Monitor energy, gas, and water usage in your home so that you know what to improve in the future, or whether it is worth switching to a different tariff. Sometimes the only way to save is to find a new provider or to opt for a different payment plan, and if that’s what it takes, then it is worthwhile in everyone’s book. 

Your home should be efficient. Only then can you enjoy all the amenities that make for a happy, healthy home without paying too much for the privilege. With the cost of energy rising as well, it’s a good time to make the switch to more energy-efficient options and alternative energy solutions like solar. You can save month-by-month, and even enjoy a property value increase for your efforts.

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