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Being a mother can be the root to all happiness in your life, although being single and trying to date is more than a challenge. The dating scene is a minefield at the best of times and when you have children it’s even worse. Whether you’re adjusting to being single, been through a divorce, looking to start venturing out, full up on flirt blog then this is where you put practice into action.  

If you’re looking to address the single mom aspect of your life, then look no further. Mistakes will be made, barriers will come and the thought of entering the world of dating is daunting enough, but read on for top tips on how to get back out there  

Too Soon?
Of course, there are no rules on when to get out there and start dating; each and every mom has their own personal circumstances to deal with. Being emotionally ready is key, whether that’s post-divorce legalities, pre-divorce, a finalized separation and so on deep down only you will know. Women need time to reassess situations, find out who you are and what you want from future partners and relationships. Try aiming for that feeling of independence, and more so happily and genuinely independent, your next partner needs to add to your independent lifestyle in terms of happiness and opportunities, not just replace a ‘gap’ in who you used to be.

Too Long?
Getting back into the dating world can be a lot easier if you haven’t been on your own for too long. Becoming too comfortable with being single is different to becoming independent. Trying to add a new partner to a lifestyle or a routine that’s been embedded for years will make the process a lot more complex. An ingrained routine is difficult to break; this automatically puts up barriers in front of potential partners, no matter how much you like them.  Try starting out slowly, online dating is a great way for you to feel in control and set the tone and the pace of how relationships develop. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, not everyone will be right for you but keeping your social skills up will be important for the near future.

A common mistake when dating in general or online is to only go for partners who are your ‘type’, this may not have proved itself productive in the past. This significantly reduces your chances of meeting the right person, as your ‘type’ can’t be decided upon from a cleverly well-chosen photo someone has put up on a dating site. Cast your net as wide as you can as you never know who you will meet. The content of other people’s profiles are limited by the nature of the website, so give things and others a try and start saying yes to people outside of your usual ‘type’. I understand that you may be used to long-term monogamous relationships, but sure enough, you are allowed to date more than one person at a time, now’s your chance to get out there and enjoy comparing and contrasting potential partners.  

Many moms who are looking to get back into the dating scene may think that sex is part of dating and that it comes hand in hand. Well it doesn’t, just because your getting back out there and dating potential partners again shouldn’t fill you with anxiety regarding sex. Your dating, you’re comparing and contrasting, you’re enjoying yourself, sex does not enter it at this point. Having sex too soon can bond you emotionally, possibly to a partner that does not suit or that is wrong for you. All good flirt blogs will state that a good match will wait for you, and they don’t, well you know what to do!

When dating how do you know that a potential partner is good with any children to let alone yours. But introducing them for the first time can be difficult, as the relationship, if the poor can hurt both ways for you and your kids. Wait as long as you can before bringing your kids on to the scene, gain an idea of their ability to interact or how they are around their own kids first. Communication is key here because as much as you think it’s a big step, men find meeting partner’s children just as committing. Talk this through, communicate and trust your gut, if it feels right then discuss the best way to make small brief contacts, to begin with.


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