5 Brilliant Advantages of Water Fed Poles




Water Fed poles are nothing less than a revolutionary product in the field of cleaning. If you feel that the statement is a little too far-fetched, wait till you read this article and find yourself in complete agreement with us.


Here are 5 advantages of using a water-fed pole.



  • Increases Safety: Window cleaning is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, owing to the ever-growing heights of buildings. The job requires the workers to be at immense heights to clean the buildings. There are ladders and hanging involved, and this makes the job very dangerous. A window cleaner using the traditional method is susceptible to injuries. The water fed poles almost negate the risk in this regard as the worker is not required to climb any height and is on the ground while cleaning. This technology allows workers to have a greater access while their feet are firmly on the ground. 
  • Reduces Manpower: The water fed poles have actually simplified the window cleaning process greatly. The water fed poles can go up to 80 feet high effortlessly.
    They allow the same amount of work to be done using less amount of energy and are therefore less exerting and much less tiring for the worker.  
  • Saves Time: Not only is the water fed pole safe, it is considerably faster when compared to the traditional method of cleaning. The traditional method of window cleaning, which includes ladder, squeegee, and detergent is time taking owing to the number of steps that go into the process. Whereas cleaning with water fed poles takes much less time and thus saves time. 
  • Provides Easy Access: Everybody is aware that there are some tricky areas which are difficult to access and clean; sloped roofs being the most common one. The water fed poles give an access to the windows on the sloped roofs and thus allow you to clean them. 
  • Saves Money: Always save the best for last, and that is exactly what we have done. Water fed poles save you huge amounts of money. See for yourself: Less manpower, means saved money and saved time means more work, hence more money. So, if the water fed poles are actually saving you money why would anybody not use them, right? 

The traditional method of window cleaning has definitely not become obsolete and many professionals still prefer to use it while they are cleaning the first-floor windows. However, seeing the advantages the water fed poles have over the traditional method, it can definitely be argued that they are the future of cleaning.


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