How to Ensure Your Garden is Safe for the Kids to Play in



We all want our children to spend more time outside, instead of sitting in front of the TV all door. However, the back garden can be full of hazards that make it too risky to let our children out to play without constant supervision. If you want to give your children a safe area to play in then follow our handy tips below.

 Potential Risks

The first thing to do is work out what the potential risks are in your garden. Some of the biggest causes of accidents outside will be things such as uneven ground, ponds and water features, tools and machinery, and the lack of borders or fences. You may want to walk around your garden with a pen and paper, plus the kids, to find out what kind of hazards are going to put your children at risk. Only when you have identified anything that could be dangerous can you then put together a plan of action.

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Uneven Ground

There could be some potential trip hazards in your garden, which will cost you a fortune in plasters for bruised knees. Make sure that you identify anything that your child could trip over such as uneven ground and loose paving slabs. It may require just some simple DIY work to make the garden safer, or you may need to talk to a landscape gardener in order to make the ground more even. Ponds and Water Features


A lot of accidents can happen with ponds, swimming pools, waterfalls and other water features, so make sure they are as safe as possible. Firstly, your pond or water feature should be within viewing distance from your home so that you can always check on your child near the potential hazard. If it is too far away then just block off the whole area until they are older and more wise to the potential risks. You can cover ponds with mesh wire and/or wooden trellis to stop any little ones from falling in, or grow plants around the deeper edges to reduce the chance of them getting near it at all.


Tools and Machinery

Inquisitive little ones will always want to play with things they shouldn’t, however many times you tell them that something is dangerous. Ensure there are no horrible accidents by keeping any tools and machinery out of reach, under lock and key, and within viewing distance from the house. Make sure you children know how dangerous these things are, and that is why they are kept away.


Fences and Borders

A proper fence or border around your garden is important for several reasons; it will stop your children escaping, and it will also stop people from entering your garden without you being aware. The most cost effective option is fence panels that can be erected around the perimeter of your garden, plus around any areas that you’re worried about (such as a pond or water feature). Hedges and planted borders are also options, although it is easier for a child to squeeze through a gap in a hedge, compared to a gap in the fence.


We hope this guide has given you some good ideas on how to make your garden safer. Now everyone can enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of accidents happening.

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