5 Areas to Clean Before Bringing Your Just Born Baby to Home


Preparing for your baby, but don’t where to start?

Whether you’re three months or three weeks away from your baby’s birth, cleaning your home is undoubtedly at the top of your list of things to do before the baby arrives. 

But what do the experts recommend? What are the most important areas to clean before your baby starts living with you?

In this post, we answer that question. We’ve listed five areas to clean before bringing your just-born baby home. 

Your Kitchen

Newborns are susceptible to dust, so if your kitchen is heavy on cobwebs, it’s time to break out the Swiffer. Ensure your kitchen baseboards and ceilings get hit with the dust rag. 

If you haven’t cleaned out your fridge, oven, or cabinets recently, it’s a good idea to remove all items from your shelves and thoroughly clean them. Your oven, too, harbors tons of germs and built-up grime. 

Deep clean your countertops, as well, since they’ll be where you prep and wash your baby’s bottles. Once your baby is here, disinfect your countertops regularly to avoid cross-contamination.

As you finish deep cleaning your kitchen, designate a spot for your baby’s items. 

The Garage

Your garage is likely full of storage items, greasy tools, and maybe even garbage. Cleaning your garage is one of the most important things to do before the baby arrives because it’s where they enter and leave your home. 

Preferably have the baby’s father go through any empty cleaning products and used oil bottles and have him toss them. It won’t be long before your baby is on the move, so you need to know that all dangerous products are out of reach. 

The Bathroom

You already know how nasty the bathroom can get, but it’s the last place you want to be gross once you give birth. 

Give your bathroom a good deep cleaning before your baby arrives by cleaning your grout, accessing the shower curtain to see if it needs to be washed or replaced, and deep cleaning your bathtub and shower using a heavy-duty cleaner.

Other overlooked spots in the bathroom include your light switches, doorknobs, and handles. Place some sanitizing wipes near those hot spots in your bathroom to give your bathroom a once over regularly. 

The Exterior of Your Home

The exterior of your home not only serves as the representation of your home but also keeps it healthy. 

For example, if your gutters are full of debris, now is the best time to clean them. Built-up junk in your gutters can lead to drainage problems and leaks in your roof. Get them cleaned before your baby arrives so you don’t have to deal with the headache of additional issues. 

It’s also an excellent idea to powerwash the exterior of your home along with your deck or patio area. You won’t have free time once the baby is born, so don’t put these tasks off. Do them now, while you can! 

Your Closets

While unsuspecting, your closets are a great place to clean and organize when preparing for a baby. The older your baby gets, the more things you have; as those items increase, so does your need for space. If your closets are already organized and cleaned, you are prepared for unsuspected baby gear to pop up. 

We hope this short list of things to do before the baby arrives helps put you on a one-way street to peace of mind. You and your baby deserve a clean and safe home, so take steps now to make it happen!

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