Moving House With Kids? Here Are Some Tips to Make it Stress Free


Moving house can be a stressful time for everybody involved in the move, especially kids. This is a major life change for someone of a young age, so they can find moving house very scary indeed. Not only do they lose their childhood bedroom, they may have to start a new school, make new friends, and get used to a new street. Dealing with the kids can be more stressful than the move alone. To help you make this move as stress free as possible, here are some tips you should try before you go:


Talk to Them About It


It’s very important that you discuss the move with the whole family, no matter how young your children are. Take the time to all sit down together and talk about this move in depth. Make sure everybody knows exactly what’s happening, why you’re moving, when you’re moving, and where you’re moving to.


What should the kids expect from the move? Make sure you tell them exactly what to expect. If you have particularly young children, you might want to schedule a time every day to talk about the move rather than telling them everything at once and making it difficult to digest for them.


Let Them Have a Say


The key to helping kids feel comfortable when moving house is making sure that they feel important and included. To do this, you can let them have a say in decisions to be made. They could possibly choose their own bedroom, how they would like their furniture laid out, or how they would like to decorate it. Make everything a positive experience for them! Also make sure they feel free to discuss their feelings about the move, and talk through any anxieties they have with you so you can reassure them.


Involve them in The Physical Process


If you can take the kids to explore the new house before you move in, that will make them feel better about the whole thing. You can also ask them to pack their own stuff. Make sure they know their belongings will be ok and waiting for them at your new house.


Plan the Day


The day you move will probably be stressful, so you need to plan it carefully, starting with removals like Hadley & Ottaway. Younger children might be better off staying with family or a babysitter. Older children will be better off with you on the day, so they know exactly what’s going on. It’s also a good idea to pack them a box filled with their favourite items to unpack first so they feel comfortable.


Moving with children is difficult; their emotions and feelings will be exactly the same as yours, if not more intense. Just because they’re young, doesn’t mean they won’t get anxiety or stressed out. Make sure you talk to them and involve them as much as possible in order to ease them into the move. Before you know it, they should love their new home!


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