How To Make Your New Home Child-Friendly


Purchasing a house from Chestnut Park Realtors is one of the most significant milestones for every mom out there. And as a mother, you have to consider if the house or even the neighborhood is child-friendly before signing the agreement. How the environment of the new home is set up plays a big role in how well your child develops and relates to others. Mothers always want the best for their children and will do anything possible to make them comfortable. In this article, we will be looking at various ways you can make your home a safe and fun place for your children.

  1. Install baby gates

Baby’s especially when they are young and at the stage of either weakling or crawling, they are the busiest human beings. They want to explore and find out what the world has in store for them. As such, you have to take much precaution to ensure that your child does not get into accidents that you could otherwise prevent. A good way to do so is by installing baby gates. Often the baby gates are installed on top of the stairs or any entry area. When choosing the baby gate, get the right fittings, consider the quality and also ensure that is blends in with your interior décor.

  1. Play with colors

Take the risk! Do not be afraid to go all in with colors in your new home. Children love colors; in fact, it makes them, excited. If they are at the age where they can speak, you can ask them for their input too. Considering their opinions is one way to boost their confidence and self-esteem as they grow up. If it’s deciding a color for their room, it is best if the idea comes from the child. If they are into cartoons, go ahead and put stickers of the cartoon they prefer watching. A pro tip, go for bright colors, especially for your children’s rooms or in the play area.

  1. Save some space for a play area

Children love playing, and health-wise, it is very beneficial to their brain development. Ensure that you set up a play area in your house where they can enjoy playing with their toys during the day. If the play area is in a separate room, make sure it is colorful and has enough toys to keep them busy. On the other hand, if your child is still young, you can get a playpen that confines them in one area. Playpens are a great way to prevent your child from making any messes in the house. If bored, children can innocently be very destructive, and before you know it, they might have smeared all your cooking oil on their bodies.

  1. Ensure that you keep all harmful stuff away from their reach

Have you ever stepped out for a few minutes only to find that your child has poured all the wheat flour on their bodies and are now spreading it out all over the house? Well, if it were a matter of pointing fingers, then the mother would be to blame. Often, when children do such destructive stuff, they do it for fun and in most cases, innocently. Also, keep things like detergents, medicine, and glassware away from your children. Sadly, some children have lost their lives due to injuries or even drinking detergents without knowing it.

  1. Add inspiration art to your kid’s rooms

Inspire your children by having inspirational art around your house. Read the quotes out loud for your children and make them repeat after you. For instance, a wall hanging written you are beautiful in your daughter’s room is a good way to assure your child that she is actually beautiful. As cliché as it may look, these inspirational wall hangings go a long way in building your children’s confidence. And believe it or not, they also speak to you as a mother and encourage you on that bad day.

  1. Have a small house library

Cultivate a reading culture to your children at a young age. Save some space in your house and set it as a library. You can have small shelves where you keep their storybooks and tiny wooden or plastic furniture where they can sit while reading. Spare some time to read storybooks with them and teach them how to pronounce words. Furthermore, you can hang charts with pictures and words on the walls in their small libraries. Also, don’t forget to offer them a snack even as they are reading.

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