3 Unexpected Family Vacation Destinations


Planning a family vacation can be tons of fun, especially when it’s something you do together. You may go on family vacations on a regular basis, and in this instance, it’s possible that you end up going to the same destinations repeatedly. If you want a completely new experience, why not consider switching it up? The world is a big place,and there are more unexpected yet family-friendly destinations than you could imagine. For this reason, you and your family should consider exploring other options and be open to a brand-new experience. To get you started, you’re going to find three unexpected family vacation destinations below.

Las Vegas

When you hear Las Vegas, the first thing that may come to your mind is party central, but it’s actually more family-friendly than you think. For instance, you can visit the Mob Museum, Big Shot at the Stratosphere, M & M’s World, Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage, or the Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Palace. These are all activity-packed attractions that could be fun for both yourself and the kids, irrespective of their ages. For this reason, it’s definitely an unexpected destination to think about. Since you’re going with the family, you should also stay near Las Vegas as opposed to in the heart of the city as you can find spacious vacation renters that will give you and your family more space as well as privacy.


Another unexpected family vacation destination to consider that probably wasn’t first on your list is Tokyo. This vibrant city is a great destination if you want a culturally-infused experience as a family. There is so much to do in Tokyo such as joining a small-tour culinary expedition with Arigato Japan Food Tours so that you can experience street food, markets as well as pop-culture trends. It’s an opportunity to capture food art as well as explore destinations such as the Ghibli Museum which the kids should love. It is definitely an unconventional and child-friendly destination that your family should enjoy.


When looking for out of the ordinary and unconventional destinations, Denmark is another place to consider. This Scandinavian Metropolis is typically known for its restaurants, high-fashion, and exciting neighborhoods. You’d be happy to know there are also several activities for kids in Denmark such as Nationalmuseet in Copenhagen, the Viking Ship Museum in Zealand, or the Aarhus Art Museum in Central Jutland. There are also theme parks and animal encounters in the case that you want a little more adventure. Overall, you should enjoy the local culture and architectural structures in Denmark as well as have a new story to tell.

Life is about being open to new experiences and sometimes, that means traveling to new places. There’s nothing like doing this with the ones you loved as it’s a journey you can embark on together. It also creates an opportunity for you to bond in a new way and create memories that will go down in your history books.

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