5 Accessories You Should Take With You to the Pool This Summer


Hitting the pool this summer? Don’t forget that it’s not all about dressing up (or down) and wading through the water. Make sure you pack the right items with you to ensure a fun swimming experience. If you’re curious about what to bring, here are 5 accessories you shouldn’t forget to take with you to the pool.

     1. Waterproof speakers

Music is a great companion to bring with you to the pool. But not all wireless speakers are strong enough to resist getting splashed with water. If you want to enjoy your favorite summer hits to the max, invest in a waterproof speaker this summer. Thankfully, the speaker industry is filled with a ton of products that are water resistant. Some of the well-known audio brands carrying waterproof gear are JBL, Braven, and UE. Make sure to get yourself some quality gadgets!

     2. Solar powered power bank

It’s annoying to have your phone suddenly switch off when you’re about to take a cute selfie. Same goes to your music suddenly stopping while you’re in the middle of singing along to your favorite song. For an all-day adventure out in the sun, it’s important to not run out of juice for your favorite gadgets. Your cell phone and your speakers would need a good charge every now and then, so a power bank is essential. Solar power banks are a great investment. They’re useful not just for summer getaways but also when traveling.

     3.  Beach chair

If it’s peak season, you’re lucky if you spot a vacant chair around the pool area. Which is why it’s important to bring your own. Beach chairs nowadays come in different compact sizes that are easy to carry around. The lightest and most portable ones are usually made of aluminum frames, but there are also ones made of plastic and wood. You can get a variety of good ones ranging from $50 to $100.

     4. Inflatable rafts

Inflatable rafts are another amazing thing to not miss enjoying in the pool. Most resorts would have a bunch for rent but if you want to stand out and bring your own, go ahead! Pool rafts are available in various shapes and sizes and are made with quality materials that are strong and sturdy. Getting your own won’t cost you a lot. At $10 you can already get yourself a cool inflatable Lounge by Intex. Kids would love playing around with these!

     5.  Waterproof cases for your phone

Always make sure your cell phone is protected from water by getting a waterproof case for it. It’s a really cheap investment. At $8 you can get a universal waterproof pouch with a lanyard. You can also put your other valuables in it like money and credit cards. If you want a custom case for an iPhone, several suppliers have custom fit cases ranging from $20 to $50. Capture all the fun and embarrassing moments by making sure your phone is usable near or underwater.

Take note of these important accessories and enjoy your next pool party! You can see more here about some of the best swimwear.


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