Parenting Advice To Entertain Your Kids On A Budget


Summer will soon be upon you, and that means having your kids 24/7 and being expected to entertain them throughout the holidays. Before your kids break up for vacation, ensure that you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve to account for rainy days, and have days out planned ahead of time to save money and the stress of organizing to a deadline. Having fun with your family needn’t be expensive, and you might just find yourself having to get creative and inventive here and there. In the runup to the summer vacation, try and putsome cash aside to buy your children tasty treatsand some games to play with, such as an outside swing ball setand opposing goals for ball games.

Surprise Activities

The trick here is to begin keeping an eye out for coupons and vouchers in newspapers, magazines, and online, plenty of weeks beforehand. In some cases, you will need to have collected a series of vouchers in order to enjoy the day out, so search for them now to avoid disappointment. Some museums, sea-life centers, and theatres, for example,do flash sales in which you can pick up tickets for a fraction of their full price, so sign up to receive emails from different places and news of discounts.  If you’re concerned about your current finances, then consider contacting Bonsai Finance and find out more about the prospect of getting a loan to help fund summer activities. Planning a surprise day out will excite your kids, and give them something to look forward to.

Get Outside

The great outdoors is relaxing and energizing to spend time in, and the air is cleaner, fresher, and far less polluted than in the city. Encourage your kids to get outside by planning a weekend away camping – this is relatively cheap and easy to sort out as all you need is a tank full of gas, camping equipment (you can always borrow if you don’t own any), food, and spare change to pay for carparking at different sites. If you’re going for longer than a few days, then be careful about the kinds of food you decide to pack. Opt for non-perishable items, and those dense in calories.


If you plan to get out hiking, trekking, and exploring the countryside, then pack plenty of snacks such as sesame seed and honey bars, granola and peanut bars, beef jerky, porridge oats, dark chocolate, and wholegrains. If you’re stuck for ideas, then get online and print out some activity pages sure to keep your kids amused. Look for ones that contain a search and collection element, such as finding bugs and insects (only to release them back), and geocaching.

Have A Picnic

Take your kids for a long walk to the top of a hill if there’s one nearby, and promise them a picnic upon reaching the summit. Again, you needn’t spend too much money when creating a picnic, and can use what’s left in the fridge and freezer. Make a few rounds of sandwiches, with crisps, and pieces of fruit. When you’re out walking, keep an eye out for apple and peartrees from which you can pluck a few pieces of fruit, also be aware that wild strawberries grow close to the ground, as does wild asparagus and rhubarb.Take an icepack inside a lined fabric bag, and use it to keep all the produce you’re able to forage. Once you return home, you can begin making dinner with what you’ve found, and get the kids involved to prepare a healthy, nutritious, and organic meal.

Enhance Your Yard

Make your yard safe and inviting for summer play, by ensuring that rotten tree branches are severed, and any climbing frames you might have are checked for signs of rust and general wear and tear. Ensure that such frames and treehouses have a soft landing pad at the base of them, otherwise a fall could result in injury. Ask your kids if there are any outside toys and games that they’d like to play with, and you can begin looking around at jumble sales, in charity stores, and yard sales for them before thinking of buying them new. Consider getting a sprinkler to water the lawn during the dry season, and to entertain your young family when it’s warm. To keep your kids cool in the heat, provide shaded areas such as sheets cast from between trees, a makeshift tepee, and a paddling pool to splash around in.

Invite Friends Over

Invite a group of some of your child’s friends over to play outside or inside with games. This way, you’ll keep them entertained,and you can relax as long as they’re being supervised. If your kids are happy to play ball games for many hours at a time, then all you need to do is pull up a seat and keep an eye on them – blissful if the sun is out and you can recline outside. Organize a number of activities for your children to engage in such as hide and seek, and treasure trails for example. Suggest that other parents in your neighborhood take part in having playdates and share the responsibility of childcare for a few days over the summer vacation.

Movie Days

Despite it being summer, there’s sometimes still a chance of rain, so be prepared. Movie days are fun for all the family, and they require little organization. For this, you will need two or three movies, snacks such as popcorn, sandwiches and sliced fruit, and an array of soft pillows, cushions, and blankets. For added fun, build a fort for your kids to watch the films under – this is simply done by hoisting sheets between the two sides of a room using string and some purposeful tucking behind the back of couches and chairs. Try and rent the latest movies to save money, or watch a classic film on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. If your kids are set on watching a particular movie you don’t own, then ask amongst your friends and family to see whether they own a copy.

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Organize a number of activities for your children to engage in such as hide and seek, and treasure trails for example.

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