3 Presents to Gift Your BFF this Christmas


More than anything else, the holiday season is about connecting with the ones you love. School is cancelled, and work often is, too, even if only for a couple days. We spend much of that extra time with friends and family that we care about deeply, and should endow that time with fond memories, relaxation, and occasional gift exchanges.

Best friends in particular are some of the closest people we have in our lives. They often know nearly every facet—our work life, our school life, our love life, our home life, et cetera. In truth, they are often the unsung heroes in the expanse that is our livelihood. Thankfully, the holidays are an optimal time to express your gratitude and appreciation for the friends you have in your life.

  1. iPhone Cases

Smart phones grow more and more in use and the cases made for them do not follow far behind. If your close friend has an iPhone, you can gift your best friend with a present that they can use every day with cute iPhone cases from Casely.

iPhone cases are the perfect gift, not only because of the widespread use of the phones themselves, but because they come in a large assortment of designs and are nearly required to protect the frail disposition of iPhones. Without the constant use of an iPhone case, iPhones are extremely susceptible to irreversible damage if dropped, sat on, the like. Supplying your best friend with an iPhone case that they like showcases both their style and protects their device.

  1. Mugs

Mugs are a piece of kitchenware that are steadily becoming increasingly more favored in their use. While often used for coffee or tea, they are practical for really any drink and aesthetically pleasing to boot.

Mugs are fun because they can come in such a variety of forms and are so often used on a daily basis. If you really want to get creative with it, purchase a make-your-own-mug kit and paint its exterior yourself. The more personalized a gift is, the more it expresses that a lot of thought has gone into it, something that every friend will appreciate.

  1. Blankets

The holiday season can be very cold for many people in the Northern hemisphere, which is probably why socks are such a popular Christmas present. However, some would believe that they have almost become too popular, a symbol of being out of touch and even unaware as to what the receiver would like best. Blankets have not undergone the same level of commonality, and therefore are able to properly display one’s affection for their friend.

Blankets, also, come in a very large variety of designs and materials. They can be of a favorite television show, full of a friend’s favorite animals, and be made of fleece, wool, cotton, or many other fabrics.

Blankets are a very versatile piece of décor, as well. They can be thrown over a couch, an ottoman, or at the foot of a bed.

Last Considerations

There are many ways to express your love for someone, and gifts are just one way to do it. They are simple ways of showing somebody that you think of and care about them, as well as bestowing them a new aspect of their lives that could benefit them long term.

While Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday, be sure to confirm which winter holiday your best friend celebrates (if any) so the gift is not marred by the assumption of their personal beliefs. Gestures that don’t assume that your friends are just like you mean a lot, because they speak to the tolerance, acceptance, and unconditional love you have for those around you.

Whatever you get for your best friend this holiday season, make sure that it comes from a place of compassion. Whether blankets, mugs, or iPhone cases, your best friend deserves it all, and it’s important that they know that every step of the way.


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