Why You Should Consider Formula Milk for Toddlers


Most parents understand that babies require either breast milk or suitable formula milk for their newborn babies. However, what about toddlers in the 1 to 3 years of age range? Do we need to provide formula milk for toddlers?

Toddlers have huge demands for nutrients for growth and for brain development. It is a vital time that sets the stage for their health in adulthood. As parents, you need to ensure that your child is getting the best possible start in life. Take the right steps at this stage and you will be helping your child towards a brighter future.  

Let’s take a closer look at just some reasons you should consider formula milk for your toddler and help them grow into all that they can be.

Say No To Cow’s Milk

Time and time again people ask, why not simply give cow’s milk to toddlers once they have been weaned from the breast or baby formula? The answer is that young infants, even if they are more developed than babies, cannot digest cow’s milk very easily or completely. It is, of course, more inexpensive than formula, but it can be a false economy that dices with the health of your child.

There are very high levels of protein and minerals in cow’s milk, which can be too much for the kidneys of a young toddler and can make them ill. This is especially dangerous in the summer when temperatures are high because it can invoke heat stress and diarrhea, which leads to dehydration.

The thing about cow’s milk is that is actually designed perfectly for baby cows but not so much for infant humans. The iron and vitamin C that it contains will not be balanced correctly for your toddler. In extreme cases, it could cause iron-deficient anaemia in some toddlers because it can inflame the stomach lining which causes blood loss into the digestive system.

It is never advisable to give your child 1% low fat or non-fat skimmed milk before they are a minimum of 24 months old. The protein and minerals in this type of milk are even higher than in standard cow milk making it even worse for them.

Formula Milk For Toddlers Is Tailor-Made For Them

Toddlers need balanced nutrition designed for them to help them grow and advance. Toddler milk has the correct balance of vitamin D, calcium and iron to make sure that their bones and cognitive function mature and develop normally. You will have the peace of mind that if you give your child the required amount of toddler formula, for instance, two beakers every day, they will be receiving all of the nutrition that they need.  

Fussy Eater? Not A Problem

You know that broccoli is good for your child, but does he/she? Sometimes it can be really hard to get your child to eat the foods that you know that they need. This can be frustrating for everyone involved and can result in your toddler not receiving the nutrients needed for their growth and development.

Toddler milk helps to take the worry out of mealtime because you already know that your infant has had their daily requirements met with toddler formula and so you do not need to stress about them eating every scrap on their plate. Toddlers often prefer to play with their food than eat it at this age making meal times difficult.

Help Your Toddler To Grow

Toddler milk gives your growing infant all of the nutrition that they need to go on their adventures and spend their energy learning to walk and play and to grow up healthy and strong. As a parent, toddler formula gives you peace of mind that your child’s requirements are being met and that the chances of any health issues with cow’s milk are being avoided. Meal times will be much less stressful and you will be able to enjoy watching your baby grow up.

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