3 Fun Arts & Crafts for the Kids


Kids love arts and crafts. It’s a way to get imaginative and creative in a safe environment, without running around out of control and without getting told off for drawing on the mother-in-law’s walls for example. Making jewellery is a great way to spend time with the kids by giving them something productive and fun to do. Plus it is so simple!


With the recent rise of internet sales and social media managing, a lot of today’s successful designers and jewellers probably started off simply hand-making their jewellery with their parents. So who knows, you might just inspire the new H Samuel! Below are 3 handmade jewellery designs to get you started with the kids.


  1. 1.       Beginner: Paper Clip Bracelet

You Will Need:

A number of multicoloured Paper Clips
And that’s it!


Such an easily made bracelet, simply thread each paper clip through a second, making a longer chain as you go. Alternate the colours to make different designs. You can also use these as necklace and anklets, or as the starters for charm bracelets!


  1. 2.       Intermediate: Safety pin bead bracelet

You will need:

Two pieces of cord, medium thickness

Around 25 Safety Pins
Multicoloured Beads (extra small)

Adult Supervision!


Open up each safety pin and thread the beads onto the open side of the pin in whatever order you like, taking care not to get stuck with the sharp edges. Try making different multicolour patterns or just block coloured bracelets! After you have threaded the beads, on, close up the pins and then thread each piece of cord (you can also use wire or string) through one end of the safety pin, so that the pins look like a tiny ladder threaded through the cord. Then tie off the cord at each end, leaving about an inch of cord free for tying the bracelet around the wrist, and cut off the ends of the cord. Perfect!

  1. 3.       Expert: Solar System Necklace
    You Will Need:
    One extra large paper clip

Tiny black beads
Variety of coloured beads for Planets

Open up the paper clip and firmly wrap it around the neck of a wine bottle, using the pliers to bend it into a spiral shape where necessary. Then gently pull the wire off of the bottle and press it flat against a hard surface. Use the pliers to twist the paperclip slightly at one end so that the beads don’t fall off. Then start threading the beads on, starting with the Sun and using the small black beads to represent space. You can space the ‘planets’ out as close together or as far apart as you like. Afterwards, use the pliers to twist the other end of the paperclip into a loop. Finally thread the string through the loop at the end of the ‘solar system’ and there you have your necklace!


So there you have it, some excellent starting ideas for getting your children crafting lovely jewellery sets for you! They’ll start working with iron and silver in no time!


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Claire Tinder is a mother to four young children who very occasionally finds the time to blog about parenting! She has contributed this post on behalf of Kate’s Jewellery, for beautiful and unique handcrafted jewellery.

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