Why Chronic Pain Becomes Debilitating


Chronic pain can be absolutely debilitating. When every footstep causes pain, when your every movement makes your joints ache and when every motion you attempt causes your body to seize in discomfort, staying as immobile as possible becomes a way of life. When chronic pain is not alleviated through physical therapy, wearing support braces, medication and other pain management techniques, people severely limit their activity in an effort to reduce the onset or intensity of their pain.

When chronic pain becomes a day-to-day struggle, living a “normal” life is no longer possible. Performing routine, simple tasks such as grocery shopping, walking the dog, taking children to school and other daily tasks become impossible. Chronic pain can make it impossible for people to take care of routine chores, tasks and issues most people attend to with ease.

When chronic pain is at its worst, it can leave people completely bedridden. Aching joints, throbbing muscles, slipped discs and other medical conditions can render people totally unable to do anything and staying in bed becomes their only option. In bed, people with chronic pain are able to get the soft, firm support they need to alleviate some of their aches. Staying in bed also allows people living with constant pain to limit their movements so they do not overextend themselves or exert themselves too much.

In addition to the physical problems, limitations and issues constant pain causes, there are emotional damages that accompany chronic pain. Feeling depressed, hopeless, restless and bored are commonly reported from people who have become bed ridden due to pain. Some people even report feeling useless and worthless and a burden to their families because of their inability to work an contribute to the household income.

If you are living with constant pain and any of these complications, a social security disability attorney may be able to help. A Social Security disability attorney may be able to help you draw disability and bring in some much needed income. When you are unable to work because of pain, social security benefits can help you make ends meet and pay for therapy, medication and treatments you need to manage your pain.

Social security benefits are something you worked to earn, they are not a hand out. Before you were struck with chronic pain, tax money you paid into the system was set aside in case you needed it down the line. Now that pain has struck and you find yourself bedridden and unable to work, it is time to cash in on the money you paid forward.  If you are no longer able to work due to chronic pain, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits and may benefit from contacting a social security disability attorney. Call today to discuss your options and for a free, no obligation consultation. Do not let chronic pain rob you of the income and life you deserve. Let an attorney get to work on your case and get you the money you deserve.

Article written by Patrick Murphy

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