Getting Your Kids Prepared for Adult Life


If you have a teenager in the house, you’re probably already wondering whether you have helped to prepare them sufficiently for their transition into adulthood. Each child is different; some will crave independence and be constantly trying to push the boundaries of their freedom, whereas others will be happier growing up at a slower rate. Unfortunately, there is no blueprint for success when it comes to readying a child for adult responsibilities.

There are, however, some general principles to consider when kick starting their independence, an example being when to get them to start taking responsibility for their own travel requirements. While some kids still do not know how to drive when entering college, it is recommended for a child to pass to simplify the daily routine of planning journeys and arranging transport options.

Similarly, if they are at the right age to start driving, they may be less inclined to start learning if they know they will get driven around by their parents for as long as possible. Sometimes you have to be tough for the greater good. A teenager needs to understand how to get themselves from A to B before they start college. If you want to help your kids start learning to drive, you can direct them on to the government’s driving website to find out how to apply for a provisional license. Once they have started driving lessons, they will need to revise for their theory test. Websites like can help with this as they provide practice tests online.

Another crucial part of helping them to think more about responsibilities is to talk about the financial aspects of being an adult. Taking time to go through your own finances with them and how they can set up bank accounts etc. will get them in good shape. Young adults can often get into debt if they don’t understand the consequences of taking out loans and store cards, causing havoc down the line. By setting them up with a bank account for them and encouraging them to use it effectively and efficiently, they will put into practice the trials and stipulations of becoming a full-fledged adult. 

There are lots of different resources that you can refer them to when they need help with their finances. Alternatively, you kids could end up teaching you a thing or two, as technology savvy children will know the best finance apps, and show you how to use them, such as mobile banking

Relationships can be another part of their life they need guidance on, however, not all teenagers are willing to talk to their parents about significant others. Therefore, it is important to make them feel as if they could turn to you if needed be, whether it is about a break-up or questions relating to sex. Make sure to always take your children seriously, don’t badger them for the details, and wait for them to come to you. Offer the amount of support they ask for, no more and no less.


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