10 Mom-to-Be Must Haves


New moms are often well informed of the most essential items to have before their baby arrives. Indeed, you’ll need baby clothes, blankets, a crib, a baby bath and no doubt you’ll have diapers coming out of your ears, but there are many other must-have items to add to that list. Whether you’re a new mom yourself or you’re searching for the perfect gift for a mom-to-be, below are ten essentials that will help in the early days:

Burp cloths
During the first couple of months, you will find that burp cloths will come in extra handy on a daily basis. You can use them for feeding, wiping up spills and even as a last minute diapering surface!

Baby nail clippers
You’ll come to realize how quickly a newborn’s nails grow so having a pair of baby nail scissors and/or clippers like these on hand will come in very useful.

Teething toys
It might not come in useful immediately, but there will come a time when a teething toy has a miraculous ability to keep your baby not only happy, but quiet too! This is a must have for any prepared new mom.

Breast feeding essentials
From breast pads to pumps, any new mom who wishes to feed her baby naturally will require a number of items. She Knows has a great list of essentials that every new nursing mom should have.

Frozen meals
Caring for a newborn is tiring and time consuming, so a new mom won’t have much time to prepare her meals, or at least the ones she wants to make. Cooking and freezing her favorite meals in advance will make a lovely gift.

Baby sling/carrier
Baby slings and carriers are great for hands-free carrying around the home. Baby is happy being close to mom and mom is happy as she can get on with the housework or cooking the dinner, bonus!

White noise
Whether it’s a CD compilation or a smart phone app, playing the sound of ocean waves, heartbeats and the hairdryer can really help to calm your baby and send them off to sleep.
If you’re also sleeping in the same room, it may send you off to sleep quicker too!

Baby Swing/Seat
A baby swing or seat imitates the rhythmic rocking motion of the womb and can be a real life saver for any new mom and dad. It can be a great way to soothe your baby and give you that much needed break.

A nursing pillow

According to CBS News, 77 percent of new moms are breastfeeding their babies, up from 71 percent about a decade ago. A nursing pillow can really help a new mom who is breastfeeding. It works by wrapping around your waist, providing support for the baby.

A camera
While you can use your smart phone to take photos, you really want to capture every little finger and toe perfectly. It’s worthwhile investing in a good camera so you can document every second of these precious early days.


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