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A car is seen as a symbol of independence and convenience that will redefine one’s daily routine – everybody wants one. Car ownership might still be a distant target for many due to the financial liabilities that come along with a vehicle. This does not mean that one cannot enjoy the privileges of having one since Zoomcar car rental in Bangalore ensures that there is a fleet for everyone to choose from and take ownership of when needed. A modern rental service focused on the daily urban scenarios that everyone faces, from crumbling public transport to atrocious late night work schedules, Zoomcar offers multiple plans and very economical options. Getting behind the wheel of a self-drive affords a newfound freedom. Zoomcar makes it possible to organize impromptu trips and make detours whenever one wants to. Zoomcar also has assurances like free fuel, damage insurance, and 24/7 support, so it is the most secure and comfortable way to travel. While one enjoys the mobility and convenience of a car owner with Zoomcar, one also gets to dodge the hassles of maintenance, long term parking and fuel charges, which are big liabilities for car owners.

Multiple Custom Plans

Everyday office commute is one major aspect where one can feel the glaring gap of comfort between car owners and the rest. Zoomcar Commute plan allows everyone to take charge of the daily commute by renting a car for an entire week for a flat rate with free kilometers per day. If one’s daily routine involves a simple to and fro travel from the home to the office, this might be the perfect plan for the purpose. One can even carpool with the Zoomcar commute plan and save further. If the requirement is occasional, then there are other rental plans to choose from. Zoom XL plan with 360 daily free kilometers is ideal for short outstation trips involving long drives. Zoom Classic is ideal for weekend trips, and Zoom Lite is a convenient and economical choice for long duration trips as well as single day use around the city.

Simple Booking Process

Booking a Zoomcar vehicle is a simple and quick process made for the on the go generation. Using the app or logging on to the website and choosing a preferred hatchback, sedan, SUV or luxury car is easier than ever before. With so many assurances, options and a convenient booking process, it is no surprise that Zoomcar is a trusted destination for Bangalore self-drive cars.


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