Shopkins Smoothie Truck Combo Makes a Great Gift


It is that time of year to find something perfect for each person on your list this year, I have an excellent suggestion for a gift that would be great for girls 5 and older. It is the Shopkins Smoothie Truck Combo! I probably have mentioned a time or two, how much my girls love Shopkins. What is so great about the Shopkins Smoothie Truck Combo is that it not only comes with Shopkins, but also a Shoppie as well! 


Pineapple Lily can jump in the Smoothie Truck and take it for a spin, while selling smoothies with her Shopkins friends! My kids were so in love with Pineapple Lily. My oldest thinks she is very exotic and looks like she just came from Hawaii. I believe the flowers in her hair and her dress certainly give off the tropical vibe. She is Pineapple Lily after all, she should be tropical. The Shopkins Smoothie Truck Combo also has 4 exclusive Shopkins that come along with it. That is enough to make any Shopkins collector very happy. 

My girls have spent hours playing with Pineapple Lily and driving her around selling smoothies, or whatever else my girls come up with in their imaginations. They include their other Shoppies and a crate full of Shopkins to go on whirlwind adventures in their Shopkins Smoothie Truck. It makes for great imaginative play, that I totally encourage. It is so much fun to just watch their imaginations go wild!

This is the perfect gift to give to any little girl 5 and over. It brings hours of enjoyment and it either is a great addition to a growing Shopkins/Shoppie collection or a great start! Many more ideas for gifts later on down the line as well. 

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