Give the Gift of Warmth with a Mini Mumu Wearable Blanket for Little Ones


As we draw near to the holidays, I am reminded of gifts for little ones. It is sometimes hard to find the perfect thing for them, as they are not into much. Mostly sleeping, eating, and getting a diaper change. They are pretty hard to shop for, and they don’t usually realize you got them something. I try to shop for things that will make it easier on the parents. This year, most of my friends are getting a Mini Mumu. It is a footless wearable blanket! 


This is perfect for any child 6 months to 3 years! They have 2 different sizes available, one for 6-18 months and one from 18 months to 3 years. It is very high quality and they have so many different patterns available. I love the button sides and top, so it is easy to get off your little one. It is great for transitioning from being swaddled or a sleep sack. My kids LOVED both of those until they got to a certain point that they wiggled too much. They do not like to be restricted in movements while exploring the world around them. 


Mini Mumu will allow your little one to stay covered up at night, even when they have kicked their blankets off or tossed them on the floor. So no more worrying about your baby being cold. I know with my kids I would go in a few times a night, just to put the blankets back on them. It was a fruitless effort, but not anymore. I love this product and I plan to use it with my youngest and any future children that may come along. It is an amazing product that so many people should take advantage of! 


My suggestion for anyone shopping for little ones, is to get them a Mini Mumu. You can pick the perfect pattern and if you have little ones, you really are missing out. I have no worries anymore about chilly babies and they can even wear it around the house while playing. My youngest enjoys carrying around her “bankey.” When it comes to actually covering up when she is cold or at bedtime, that rarely happens. So now I no longer worry and you shouldn’t either.


For our lucky readers we have a 15% off Code, when you purchase Mini Mumu! Upon checkout just put the promo code MBS15! It is valid from 11/17-12/31.

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