Your Belgian Family Trip: Best things to do in Belgium


With 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites, over 2,000 chocolate shops, 200 museums, 650 beers and 300 Art Nouveau buildings, only in Brussels, Belgium is an excellent destination for your family holidays. If you don’t know what are the best things to do in Belgium we got your back! This is the guide you were looking for to create a great itinerary for your next Belgian family trip!

Why to go and what to see: best things to do in Belgium

Although very small, the country, which is divided into 3 regions, Wallonia, Flanders and the Brussels region, boasts beautiful historic cities, breathtaking landscapes, and historic sites.

  • Brussels, the Belgian capital, and Europe is a multicultural metropolis but with the charm of small cities. Among its main attractions, Grand Place, the most beautiful medieval square in Europe.
  • Bruges is a fascinating and romantic city, crossed by numerous canals that have earned it the nickname of Venice of the North. Its historic center is of extraordinary beauty and is a melting pot of historic buildings, chocolate shops, lace boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.
  • Less well known than Bruges but equally fascinating, Ghent boasts an opera house, 18 museums, 100 churches and more than 400 historic buildings.
  • Antwerp is famous for its vibrant nightlife, fashion, shopping, diamonds, fine restaurants and numerous festivals. Beautiful medieval buildings are found alongside modern architectural creations giving life to a unique architectural melting pot. Rubens left his mark on the city.
  • Liège is a historic city along the river Meuse full of character and atmosphere. Less than an hour away is the picturesque town of Spa.
  • Namur is famous for housing one of Europe’s largest fortified citadels, built between the 3rd and 4th centuries, and later rebuilt during the 13th and 14th centuries.
  • Mechelen is a small and picturesque city full of shops and boutiques, pedestrian areas, pleasant squares, historic buildings and monuments, including eight Gothic and Baroque churches.

Why choosing Belgium as atravel destination for a family trip!

As you may have noticed, there is so much to see and do and Belgium is definitely a place that each family member would absolutely love. To leave for a trip to Belgium means to start discovering an art of living in which tradition and modernity are combined and where Germanic and Latin influences meet, through the treasures of architecture, tasty gastronomic specialties and a great variety of landscapes. Plus, there is a wonderful nature all around but, most of all, you will have the chance to live like in a fairy-tale.. kids are going to love it!

How to get around (especially if you have kids)

Renting a car allows you to travel without a predefined schedule, following your own pace, choosing your itinerary. Why not start your journey with a cultural and trendy stay in the European capital? Consider that with a road trip, for example, In less than an hour, you can travel the fifty kilometers that separate Brussels from Ghent … Often overlooked, without reason, for the benefit of Bruges, Gand nevertheless possesses undeniable qualities.

Some itinerary ideas for your family road trip

Several possible routes link Ghent to Bruges: on the motorway or through the Flemish countryside, via the RN9 leading to the coast. Once you have left the castle of the Counts of Flanders behind you, the road winds for about ten kilometers before you can immerse yourself in the romantic and picturesque charm of the “Venice of the North”.

Your roadmap offers you several alternatives up to Knokke, each of which is about twenty kilometers long. You prefer the quiet national roads to the very intense traffic of tourists and locals traveling on the motorways of the sea to Knokke, an exclusive seaside resort whose fine sand dunes extend along the border of the Netherlands.

How to road trip saving money and live your best experience so far!

A car hire in Belgium is a must as once you are there you just can’t miss the chance everything this amazing country has to offer with no stress and moving as you prefer in an independent way. Do you want to keep things cheap and convenient too? No problem! Use holiday autos to compare car rental services and find a cheap car hire! You can even add some amazing extras such as an infant’s seat to live a road trip in a great way!

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