Why Every Mother Needs a Life Coach


The role of a life coach in a mom’s life cannot be overemphasized. After all, the modern mom is a super busy human being, most of the time thinking about other people, except the most important person in her life – herself! When a mom is bombarded with duties and responsibilities from every direction, she sure needs some help to get back on track and achieve her goals. The person who specializes in offering this kind of help is called a life coach.

Here are reasons why every mother needs a life coach:

A life coach gives you some tough love

Many people think that they just need to go to their friends and talk to them about goals and life stuff, and sure enough, friends really do listen. However, when you need someone to prod you with a stick to start working on your goals, your friends will not be able to do that because they “care” too much about you. They will not want to hurt your feelings. However, a life coach is not your relative or friend. This person is used to giving his or her clients lots of tough love. She will show you no mercy. She will really push you hard towards them.

The money hurts

Ok, there is plenty of motivational stuff to catch on YouTube or other resources. And these are free of charge. However, the truth is that if it is free, then it is most likely not worth having. Life coaches do not offer free services. They charge a good fee. This fee will hurt you such that you will just want to get to work and get your money’s worth. Even buying motivational books does not help. Every mom needs a professional who will charge a fee and then follow up to ensure they are giving you your money’s worth. The new wave of life coaches can help you make good decisions in life and be a supermom.

A life coach holds you accountable

A life coach does not make decisions for you, but he or she helps you to speak out your dreams and goals and prods you to get started. Then he starts to hold you accountable. Where you falter from the path, your friends and family would just let you be, but a life coach will hold you by your hair and get you back on track. If you have a goal, there is no option but to achieve it.

Make you a better mom

A life coach will guide you on how to put your dreams and goals in order, bring some order into the chaos that is your life. Everyday that you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling beat, tired and irritable, a life coach will help you feel more focused in the morning, feel more energetic and look forward to the day ahead. A relaxed woman makes a better mom and wife, and she brightens everyone’s day.

Helps you focus on the big picture of your life

A life of working, charity activities, taking care of your babies and spouse can really sap the energy out of you such that you lose focus of the big picture that you had of your life. A life coach steps in to push a mom to create a plan that she should work on daily. You will get to do all the things that you need to do but without feeling so lost in the chaos.

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