5 Most Popular Types of Wine Enjoyed in the US


Wine has seen a sort of resurgence in recent years. While it’s always been popular among the parents and grandparents of any generation, people of younger ages are joining in with the wine craze these days. This has been in no small part down to the creation of new kinds of wine, with more and more types of wine being created and tailored towards the taste preferences of different people. Different kinds of wine are proving to be more popular among people of different ages, but which are the most commonly drank? Which bottles are selling out faster than others? We’re here to answer just that with our list of the 5 most popular types of wine enjoyed in the US. 


  • Chardonnay. Originally born in the depths of France, chardonnay has become one of the most popular wines all over the globe, and especially in the US. The grape which is used to create this wine has been found to be easy to row in almost any vineyard in the world, which has contributed to its ever-increasing popularity. The wine has went through a number of adaptations over the years, including the addition of it being allowed to mature in oak. It hasn’t all been plain sailing for the wine, with this “oak craze” leading to its taste being altered way too much and many people going off the wine. However, with the benefit of hindsight the reputation of the wine has been recovered and it’s been allowed to prosper. So what makes it so popular in the first place? Chardonnay is a medium white wine, and is known to taste best if it is aged for the correct amount of time in oak. Its buttery feel in the mouth makes it a pleasant and relaxing wine to drink, and it commonly incorporates the flavours of well-liked fruits such as apple and pear. Spices and hints of vanilla can often be found in this wine, contributing to an unbelievable taste which makes it among the most popular wines in the US. 
  • Pinot Grigio. Next on our list is another white wine which is nearly ust as popular as chardonnay itself. The grape was originally grown and turned to wine in the same area of France as chardonnay, but its fate was far less certain. Several times in its history its production was nearly ceased due to problems trying to grow it, but thankfully a way was finally found to keep its business booming and to keep this wine on the market. This type of wine has proven especially popular in states such as Oregon, New Mexico, California and Washington. But what makes it such a sought-after beverage? A light, dry wine, it incorporates the same two main fruits that chardonnay does in apple and pear. There are a lot of different ways of making pinot grigio and therefore different forms of the wine itself, but in general it is commonly associated with seafood such as shellfish, making it a common drink a the dinner table and in restaurants.
  • Zinfandel. The first red wine on our list is certainly one of the most popular over the whole of the US. If you like your high percentage alcohols, then this is the wine for you. Predominantly grown in California, the quality of this kind of wine depends on a variety of factors. The temperature, climate and ripeness of the grape itself all contribute heavily to how good the wine will taste upon being drank. Around 350,000 tonnes of the grape are turned to wine each year, making it one of the most heavily manufactured and most heavily drank in the country. It’s another wine which is commonly aged and matured in oak, and is usually found to give off strong flavors of jam. A wine which can be enjoyed with almost any meal, it is most commonly found at a steak dinner. 
  • White Zinfandel. Strangely enough, the alterations made to the ordinary zinfandel wine to create this rose wine have made it even more popular. In fact, the sales of the rose version have almost 6 times the number of those made by the red wine, with its fruity flavors and strong alcoholic percentage making it a popular choice. Originally created in 1975 after the wine experiments conducted by Bob Trinchero, it has since surged to the top of the US wine selling charts. The trials and tests faced by Trinchero really are worth reading up on, and we advise you do so to appreciate the struggles this wine faced to come to the marketplace in the first place. So many setbacks stunted the growth of this wine, and it was nearly given up on. However, fate seemed in favor of the wine and its creator, and after lots of hard work and several strokes of luck it finally gained its rightful place in the US marketplace. Its dry and sweet taste gives it a great deal of uniqueness, and its pink colour makes it stand out in attractive fashion in shops and stores. The current most popular type of the wine is Sutter Home White Zinfandel, but this is just one example of a type of wine which has really shot to prominence in recent times. 
  • Sauvignon Blanc. We conclude our list the way we began it; with a fine white wine fit for any occasion. Derived from a green grape which again originated in France, it’s another wine which depends on climate for its taste. It can range anywhere from a grassy wine flavor to a tropical taste, so there’s always a bottle to suit everyone. A dry wine, it’s ageing in oak often leaves it with lovely vanilla flavorings which contribute to t being among the most popular in the US. It tends to be paired with seafood or chicken. 


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