Why And How You Should Teach Your Kids About Global Warming


Global warming is happening and there really isn’t much we can do about this serious issue to stop it entirely. Many of us have been educated on the effects of global warming a little too late and this is why we need to teach our kids about this and encourage them to make the right choices.

For those of us who live in California, our government is already making some changes to the way that things are done in order to make a better impact on the environment. With a promise to increase the number of buildings powered by solar panels, California is already on the right track.

Of course, while kids might learn about this in school and from their friends, it is our responsibility to teach them what we can about how to make a better impact on the environment. Here we are going to tell you some of the reasons why global warming is important and discuss how you can teach your kids about it. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming involves the changes that are occurring in the plant over time. While many people didn’t pay attention to global warming for a long time or even really figure out what was happening, it is now a state of emergency as our planet is dying.

There are many causes of global warming around the world including the severe pollution that we cause every single day. Each time you take your car to the shop for a short journey or you jet across the world you are contributing to global warming. Even simply not sorting your trash into food waste and plastic waste is having some kind of effect on the planet.

As inhabitants of the planet, we need to make sure that we are making the changes necessary and paying attention to global warming as much as we can. This includes teaching our kids about this kind of worldwide issue. Next, we are going to tell you some of the reasons why you should teach your kids about global warming.

The IceCaps Are Melting

Did you know that the ice caps are melting? Do your kids? The ice caps are very important parts of the world and those at the north and the south pole are melting over time. While this might not sound so bad at first, it is important to consider where this ice will go. With melting ice that spans huge parts of the globe, the sea levels are rising. This can cause serious issues and we need to address it as soon as possible.

According to some experts that have studied this topic in great detail, the sea levels will rise between 10 and 32 inches by the end of the century. While this might not sound like a lot, consider this height in water and the amount of water that we already have on the planet. With this massive change, we could all be in danger.

Interestingly, the number of glaciers in Montana has declined to less than 30 which is a huge change from the previously recorded 150 in 1910. This is a clear example of global warming a little closer to home and it might be something that you want to tell your kids about.

Weather Is Changing

Another reason why global warming is something which we should all know about is the fact that the weather is changing quite dramatically. The seasons may not have always matched up with our ideal weather conditions but now places around the globe are getting varying weather conditions that just don’t make sense. While some locations are experiencing more drought than before, other locations have seen much higher rainfall in previous years. Scientists even believe that megadroughts could be more prominent in future years which is something which the people of California have already had to deal with in the past – although it will be much worse by then.

In regard to weather, we can also expect to see much stronger storms and hurricanes over the coming years with the changes that global warming is making to the planet. This is the weather that your kids will be dealing with in the future and so you need to make sure that they are staying safe. Try to educate them on the changing weather conditions and make sure that they are in the know.

Animals Are Dying

You might have noticed a vast increase in the number of vegans and vegetarians in the USA in more recent years. While most of this increase is due to a heightened awareness of animal welfare, other people are choosing to turn to a vegan diet due to global warming. The animals that we have here on earth are very precious to our ecosystems and we need them to stick around to survive. Of course, at the rate we have been killing animals for food, this might not work out effectively.

On top of this, the weather conditions are encouraging animals to move across the globe. This is taking them away from their homes and putting them in danger elsewhere. It is also interesting to note that some of these animals are pests and can ruin crops. This is important because they are moving around the world and causing serious problems for those just trying to keep their family living on the limited resources that they have. This is a very serious result of global warming which we all need to be aware of.

Air Is Getting Polluted

If you still aren’t convinced that you should be teaching your kids more about the effects of global warming, then you should know that the air is being polluted every single day. Each time we use our cars, or we head off to the city, we are contributing to global warming and this is causing serious problems. We are told about pollution a lot and it can be seen when you visit some of the most populated cities in the world. Some people in China even protect their faces with masks when they are on their way to work just to try and avoid this heavy layer of pollution.

Some of the most polluted cities around the world include those in China and in the USA. There are so many cars and big buildings pumping out gasses that are causing global warming. It is our responsibility to change the air that we are sending out and look after the planet that we live on. With polluted air, everything is changing, and this is very important.

Use Solar Energy

If you want to teach your kids more about global warming, then you need to think about the energy that you are using in your home. For those living in California, solar panel installation in Bakersfield is one of the best options to lead by example and show that renewable energy is key.

Solar companies in Bakersfield are offering you the chance to change the way that you use energy in your home by utilising the sun. All you need to do is get in touch with the best solar company in Bakersfield and other CA cities to get started. Semper Solaris is just one company that offers low solar panel costs in Bakersfield and is a great place to start. See if they are available in your area by checking out their website and choosing the right location for you.

Recycle More

If you aren’t already recycling as much as you can then now is the time to get started on that. You need to show your kids how to do this effectively from a young age and they will pick it up in no time at all. Recycling is a great way to make sure that your trash ends up in the right place and that it won’t contribute to global warming. You will find that plenty of plastic and the glass in your trash can be reused and recycled in order to reduce the impact of global warming and your own individual carbon footprint.

If you want to teach your kids how to recycle and do this more around your home, then you should try to invest in some different colored boxes. Add labels and show your kids what kind of item goes in a certain box. Then, they can recycle their trash and know that they are contributing to reducing the effect of global warming on the planet. If you have any clothes that your kids don’t wear anymore, make sure to donate these to charity and consider having them recycled rather than simply throwing them out. This will make your kids feel as though they are directly impacting the environment in a positive way.

Lead By Example

One of the most important ways that you can teach your kids more about global warming is to lead by example. If you are not practicing what you are preaching, then they are not going to pay attention and cause even more harm to the environment in response. It is important that you are showing that you recycle your items and that they should too.

You should also consider making some changes to your home and using less energy. Do you have showers that are far too long? This could be contributing to global warming and it is something which you should try to cut down on. If you can reduce the amount of water that you are wasting every single day, you can show your kids that you have meant what you have said.

In parenting, leading by example is one of the most important principles so make sure to consider this carefully when you are teaching your kids about global warming.

Do More Research

Our final tip for those who want to teach their kids more about global warming and the effects on the planet is to do some more research. If you don’t really understand global warming yourself then you are not going to get very far when your kids start asking questions. Read the latest news stories and possibly even read a book that has been written about this topic.

You should also try to work out the carbon footprint for your household online and use this as a guide to making some changes. You could even show this to your kids and work together to reduce the carbon footprint. You should be able to find some resources online that can help you to do this.

As long as you are willing to do the research and keep up to date with developments in this area then you should be able to do the right thing. Many people spend years researching this area, but it is possible to get a general understanding of what is going on if you simply spend some time reading.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this article, global warming is affecting the planet very seriously and you need to make sure that your kids know what to expect in the future. It is your responsibility to teach your kids about this and encourage them to make some changes to their lives to keep the environment safe.

Think about how you can do more research into this issue and figure out what you could be doing better to do your part. You should also consider making some changes to your home by adding solar panels and start generating your own energy. This will not only make a massive difference to your carbon footprint, but it would also save you some money.

Scientists are predicting that we have made some irreversible damage to the planet and now is the time to slow down global warming and not contribute to it even more. Try to teach your kids about this now and lead by example to help them make the changes.

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4 years ago

For those of us who live in California, our government is already making some changes to the way that things are done in order to make a better impact on the environment. With a promise to increase the number of buildings powered by solar panels, California is already on the right track.