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Easter casino culture is different from west tradition. It is completely attractive to enjoy classic exotic places and interesting customs. People from all over the world come to Asia to reveal new activities and get extra energy. They visit not only popular tourist destinations but also popular casino centers. Online casino popularity is increasing all the time but physical casinos are also among the best Asian destinations. If you want to reveal more information about famous casino centers, you should read this review until the end.


Macau is the second-largest casino location after Las Vegas. Over the previous years, the place has been one of the most visited casino locations. For example, Venetian represents one of the most valuable venues in the world with a huge hotel, large pools, amazing gambling parlor and multi-functional space. Macau Grand Canal looks like Venice and the whole complex promises to deliver circus shows, sporting events and concerts. 

Macau represents a Chinese territory but has a strong connection with Europe (it was Portugal colony). Chinese come to Macau to enjoy completely legal options while people from west want to have some fun and enjoy a completely new landscape and lifestyle. Macau provides a variety of gaming chances and resembles American casinos. Macau venues are more concentrated on baccarat than poker and offer original gaming chances like Sic Bo. Another important thing is about beverages as Macau casinos typically serve tea rather than alcohol. Macau revenues increase all the time, making it even more popular destination for casino gamblers.

Did you know that Japan prohibits online casinos and bingo activity? It means that players visit international providers to enjoy web casino options. Visit Japanese 10Bet to have a better image.


Japan is one more gambling destination for casino lovers. The country plans to introduce more gambling resorts until 2020. It will make Japan to become a must-visit destination for players all over the world. At the moment, Japan features some of the unique gambling chances like pachinko. It is the gaming machine that includes elements from pinball and slots. If you want to win pachinko, you should make silver balls to fall down the hole. Pachinko machines are created for cartoons and produce regular noise. Some visitors consider the game kitschy but pachinko parlors have an interesting tradition. The game became popular in the 1940s but machines have been significantly improved over time.

Meanwhile, Japanese games are becoming more and more popular and addiction rises all the time. Pachinko parlors are stress-relieving experience which helps players to enjoy a completely new lifestyle. Japan residents are obsessed with technology and pachinko becomes a lucrative option for businessmen.

Other Destinations

Asian region offers a number of gaming possibilities. Macau is a fast-growing region which will obtain additional popularity over the next years. Macau venues are operated by Hong Kong company named Galaxy Entertainment Group. There are two additional countries which offer an amazing experience to casino customers like Singapore and the Philippines. Those regions receive regular investments which provides them a better development possibility. There are huge Asian venues like Marina Bay Sands which attracts card deck lovers. Malaysia is another popular destination for worldwide gamblers as it includes Resorts World venue with a wonderful view and attractive colors. Vietnam is also becoming one of the latest gaming destinations for casino users.

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