White Gold Wedding Bands: To Match or Not to Match?



WED-NCWhite gold wedding bands are incredibly popular picks for both men and women, which means that today’s couples have a host of styles to choose from. This also means that brides and grooms have a number of decisions to make when selecting the pieces that will represent their lifelong love. One of the first things to consider when shopping for wedding bands is whether or not the bride and groom should wear matching rings.

If you’re still undecided if your wedding band and the one that will adorn the finger of the one you love should match, ask yourself these four questions.

Do you have similar senses of style? Your personal taste, combined with the taste of the one you love, is the most influential factor in selecting your wedding bands. If you tend to gravitate toward the same sort of jewelry, such as modern minimalistic styles or traditional looks, you may be good candidates for matching wedding bands. If your tastes are rather different, but you’d still like to at least consider a matching wedding ring set, think about a pair of classic plain bands. These sleek rings can mesh with any sense of style and complement any engagement ring.

What types of designs fit your lifestyles? Do you work with your hands or tend to be hard on your jewelry? What about your spouse-to-be? If either of you tend to give your rings a beating, you may want to consider choosing a style that hides dents and dings, such as a hammered wedding band. If this applies to just one of you, and the other isn’t a fan of styles that don’t show wear, you may want to consider going with different looks for each of your rings.

Do you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring? How important is it to you that the ring that’s already on your left hand coordinates with your wedding band? BVR-16CIf this matters to you, and the wedding ring that matches your engagement ring isn’t a guy-friendly style, it’s probably best to forgo matching rings for the two of you in favor of one of the white gold wedding bands for women that coordinates with your existing jewelry. Or, as previously mentioned, try a pair of timeless and versatile plain wedding bands for a look that’s complementary to your own ring as well as to the groom’s sense of style.

What’s your budget? The amount you’d like to spend can help you decide if you should opt for matching his and her white gold wedding bands. Often, the cost of a matching wedding band set is less than the price of the two rings that comprise it when those two rings are purchased separately.

6mmPWCRegardless of whether you choose matching rings, or look at white gold wedding bands for men that are completely different from the band that you want to adorn your own hand, when you select rings that are crafted from top-quality white gold, you’re sure to make excellent selections. Use this guide as you consider “To match, or not to match?”


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